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ACS Technologies offers the following online services to help meet your needs. Click Online Resources at the top of your ACS menu to access these options. You can also learn more about these services on the ACS Technologies web site

  • Save on Bulk Mailing — Use ACS CASS It and ACS Max It to verify addresses, sort through postal regulations, and take full advantage of bulk mail discounts.
  • Access Your Data Online — Use Access ACS and the Internet to allow your staff, leaders, and members to view or edit pieces of their ACS data.
  • Build Web Sites Faster — Use Extend to enable your staff (technical and non-technical alike) to build professional-looking Web sites quickly and affordably.
  • Backup Files Online — Use LiveStor to protect your valuable data files by automatically transferring them over the Internet and storing them safely on our secure servers.
  • Background Checks — Learn about Safeguard, the ACS service that performs background checks on your employees and volunteers working with the youth and children in your care.
  • More ACS Products — See the full array of ACS products by clicking the link to access our Web site.
  • Training — Check out the wide array of options led by ACS Certified Trainers including on-site training, hands-on training classes, online training, and telephone training.
  • Forms and Supplies — Our complete faith-based management solution includes providing forms, supplies, and ACS compatible products to our clients. All forms, supplies, and technology products are guaranteed to work with ACS Technologies software.
  • More Services — Visit the ACS Technologies website to view all of the services ACS has available to faith based organizations.
  • Client Portal — Join thousands of clients who manage ACS products, services, and support from this site.
  • Connect with Support — Connect with a Support Analyst through your PC and receive remote assistance. This option does not display in OnDemand.
  • Check for Updates — Get the latest revisions, updates, and patches for all ACS products. This option does not display in OnDemand.
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