Calendars let you create community events and personal events.

Community events are created specifically for your organization. Personal events are created by individuals for personal use and are only accessible by the person who created them. Personal calendars let users add, edit, delete, and print personal events.

Your administrator must select the calendar preference for your organization.

Access ACS Built-in Calendar

With the Access ACS built-in calendar, you can add, edit, delete, and print events. New community events display as tentative events until approved by an administrator.

Useful Information


Tentative events for the Access ACS built-in calendar are indicated by red text preceded by an asterisk.

Access ACS lets users select the calendar types that they want to view. To view a calendar type, you must have rights to it. For more information, see Selecting Calendars to View.

Facility Scheduler

With Facility Scheduler, you can submit events to be approved by the Events Coordinator in Facility Scheduler. You can continue to add and edit pending events in Access ACS, however any data management for the event must be handled within Facility Scheduler.

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