After you set up your registration periods and costs, you can set up special requirements for the event. On this page, you can:

Once you enter the information, click Next to continue to the next step. If you are editing an existing event, click Finish to save your changes. To delete special requirements or forms, click Delete . All fields are optional.

Click Next to continue the Event Registration Setup process.

Special Requirements

Set the maximum number of participants
In the This event has a limited capacity of field, enter the maximum number of participants.

Enter the number of reservations
In the This event has __ reserved openings field, enter the number of openings that you want to reserve.

Set up special rules for events
To add a special requirement, enter it in the Requirement field and click Add Rule. The requirement displays in the Current Requirements list.

To edit a requirement, click on it, make the changes in the Requirement field, then click Update.

You can drag and drop the requirements to reorder them.

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