If you upgrade from Membership Plus Version 11, you can convert your Pictorial Directories in Membership Plus Version 12 after installation. 



Converting Pictorial Directories from versions 1-10 of Membership Plus requires a Professional Data Conversion .  Contact Membership Plus Data Services at (843) 413 – 8334 to inquire about converting Pictorial Directories.   



 To convert a Pictorial Directory to Version 12

1. In the left navigation pane, click Reports > Pictorial Directory.
2. Below the grid, click Convert.
3. Navigate to the location on your computer in which your Version 11 or Version 12 Pictorial Directory is located.


  • The default location for version 11 Pictorial Directories is C:\MP11DATA\PICTORIAL DIRECTORY. 
  • The default location for version 12 Pictorial Directories on XP machines is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\MembershipPlus\MP12Data\Pictorial Directory.  
  • The default location for version 12 Pictorial Directories on Vista or Windows 7 machines is C:\ProgramData\MembershipPlus\MP12Data\Pictorial Directory.


4. Select the directory you want to convert and click Open.
5. Enter the title for the converted pictorial directory.
6. Select the data set that the pictorial directory applies to.
7. Click OK.