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How can I save a customized report into Report Generator in order for it to show on my list of reports?


 To save a customized report:
  1. Save the received customized report file to your preferred folder. (Ex: My Documents, Desktop, etc).
  2. Perform a Membership PLUS Backup, including reports.
  3. On the Welcome Screen click Reports.
  4. Click Report Generator.
  5. Select the appropriate report and click Edit.
  6. Give the report a new name.
  7. Click File from the menu bar.
  8. Click Load From File.
  9. Click No to the confirmation message.
  10. Browse to the folder in which you saved the report file (*.rtm).
  11. Highlight the appropriate file and click Open.
  12. Click File from the menu bar.
  13. Click Save As.
  14. Enter a File Name for the report that is unique as to not overwrite any existing reports.
  15. Click Save.
  16. Select the appropriate Module and click OK.

    Save ONLY mailing labels as a Mailing Label Report.

  17. Close the Report Builder Editor.
  18. Close Membership PLUS.

When you go back into Membership PLUS, the new report will be listed under Report Generator under the applicable heading. The name will reflect the name you entered for step 14 above.


If you need assistance adding the report into Membership PLUS call Support at 843.413.8334. Please be advised if you are not a Support PLUS customer, additional charges may apply.

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