Welcome to the Membership PLUS Video Library! This is a brand new area to the Membership PLUS Documentation and Self Help Site, and will be constantly added to so that you are given more opportunities to learn and grow in Membership PLUS. Our Getting Started Checklist is now equipped with video help in most areas, and if a section on the Getting Started Checklist does not have video help yet, rest assured, it's coming!



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Any time you see this icon around the wiki, you will be able to view a video about the relevant topic.

Note: You MUST be on a High Speed Internet connection to view our videos at High Quality. If you are NOT on a High Speed Internet connection, you will not be able to view our videos in High Quality. Many of our videos will play in HD (720p) by default, so having a High Speed Internet connection is paramount.


You MUST have a YouTube account to manage playback quality settings. Go here to create a YouTube account.

 How to force YouTube to always play videos in High Quality and HD

For viewers with YouTube accounts and high speed Internet connections, YouTube has provided an option in user account settings to set higher quality as the default mode of playback when viewing a video stream.
By default, the playback resolution is set to normal, which means lesser quality.
To change your playback settings to force YouTube to always play video in high quality if available, follow the steps below:

  • Select the radio button for "Always choose the best option for me based on my player size."* Put a checkmark in the box noted as "Always play HD when switching to fullscreen (when available)"
    Make sure annotations are enabled so that you can fully experience the Membership PLUS Videos.

Click the Save Settings button to make the change effective immediately.

If you DO NOT have a YouTube account follow the instructions below for watching a video in HD.

 Instructions for Viewing a Video

1. You MUST have High-Speed Internet to view our videos in HD. This is a requirement.

2. Once you click the "Watch Video" button, you will be taken to the Official Membership PLUS YouTube Page.

3. On this page, you will be able to view the video pertaining to the topic you were reading about.

4. Press the Play button to begin playback of the video.

5. Set your YouTube video playback settings to 720p or higher for the best playback performance. Membership PLUS recommends all clients with High-Speed Internet take advantage of the HD Videos we offer in our Video Library.

6. Go fullscreen in YouTube to watch your video with optimum performance.