12.6.2-12.6.5 Release Notes

Please read before installing Membership Plus version 12.6.5: For optimum performance, a new contributions data set limit of 4,000 records has been activated in this revision.  If the size of your organization demands a higher contribution record limit, please call 1-866-539-6391.  

To help manage the number of contribution records you maintain in your data set, make sure to archive all previous years. Please check out other solutions offered by ACS Technologies to suit your organization's growing needs.

Membership Plus 12.6.5 contains all previous releases. There is no need to install any other previous builds.

Membership Plus version 12.6.5

  • Pictorial Directory was duplicating names.This is corrected with this release.  Note that a primary contact must be selected in order to display records on the Pictorial Directory with this release.
  • Some users experienced an error message: Error, “transaction out of balance” when creating a transaction from an Expense account to a Designated Account.  The program was setting both sides of the transaction as Debits, instead of a debit to the Expense account and credit to the Designated Account. This is corrected.

Membership Plus version 12.6.3

  • You can complete an export if you select a group.
  • The Actual vs. budget (MTD & YTD Totals) now pulls the correct information for MTD budget column.
  • You can edit an accounting transaction.

Membership Plus version 12.6.2


 Phone Directory reports now filter by Classes and Small Groups.

 Macros for Address and Fund Splits now can be added to a letter in Quick Letter.

 Several new fields now display in Quick Letter. The fields that display are:

<SORTNAME> (Under Contributions) 

 <CO_Cell Phone (Voice)_NUMBER> 

 <CO_Work phone (voice)_NUMBER>

 <CO_Work phone (voice)_EXTENSION> 

 <CO_Work e-mail(E-mail)_NUMBER> 

<CO_Personal Email(E-mai_NUMBER>

 Quick Letter Contribution labels have been enhanced and can be sorted by alpha order.

 When switching between accounts in Transactions, the scroll has been activated on the grid to allow quick scrolling of the transactions within the selected Account.

 Under the Export area there are new Birthdate fields that you can use.

 The currently logged in user name displays on the bottom right corner of Membership Plus, along with a date and time clock.

 A Refresh option has been added to all grids in the program.

 Data Entry has been improved on the Budget tab. Now, press the Tab button on your keyboard instead of clicking another line or pressing Enter.

 After changing the Account Type in Transactions, click the New button to open the Data Entry tab. Previously, it did not open correctly after changing Account Types in Transactions.

 When an amount is cleared on the Budget tab, it now reverts to 0.00 instead of being blank.

 When closing out of the Budget area with the Close All option, any Grid changes made are now saved automatically.

 Previously, when re-sizing the Post To grid in the Transactions Data Entry module, changes were not saved. Now, when the Post To grid is re-sized, all changes are permanently saved for convenience.

 New Member Birth Date fields have been added to the Filter/Sort tab under the Select Filter section.

 Birth Day fields have been added to the Group Builder Wizard on Step 3 of the wizard.

 When adding a new Fund Balance account, the Fund Balance account pops up on the Fund Balance drop down menu after saving. Previously, a user had to close out and come back in to see any effective changes while adding the appropriate Income and Expense accounts that are linked to the newly added Fund Balance account.

 The Groups and Small Groups lists are alphabetized on the Data Entry tab of Families, Individuals, and Organizations.

 A Select All option has been added to the Reconcile tab in Transactions. This option puts a check mark in the Clear box for all entries on the screen.

 A Deselect All option has been added to the Reconcile tab in Transactions. This option removes all check marks from the Clear box for all entries on the screen.

 When changing an Account Type or Account Name in Transactions, the current balance updates automatically. Previously, the grid needed to be clicked to do this.

 The total number of Member records now displays at the bottom of the Data Entry screen in Groups and Activities.

 The total number of Member records now displays at the bottom of the Data Entry screen in Classes and Small Groups.

 A user can now remove an account link from any Bank record in the Financials Module by using the Backspace key.


 Previously, when entering a contribution a user could double click on the Contributor Name/Address on the top-right hand side of the screen after selecting a contributor and be taken to the Individual/Family record to edit any information. This caused an access violation. For that reason, the field is no longer active. To edit any Individual or Family records, a user most close out of contributions completely, and then go to the record and make the desired changes.

 Adding an alternate address for an Individual record no longer changes the address for other family members inside of the same family record. The alternate address only applies to the specified Individual record.

 Previously, when an individual has information in the Address Line 2 field the City and State are pushed off the Pledge vs Contribution reports. This no longer occurs. 

 Previously, if the organization is using address line 2 the City, State, and Zip is pushed down and over the line that says "Charity BN/Registration #" on the Canadian Tax Receipt and Canadian Tax Receipt Summary reports. This no longer occurs.

 Previously, when creating a Pictorial Directory, the wizard was not adding families. Families are now added when using the Pictorial Directory Wizard.

 Previously, if a user entered an alternate address on an individual or family and selected the option "Seasonal Address", the Verify and repair report within the program showed a warning of "Address Needs a Valid Date". This no longer occurs.

 Previously, the 1-Line Contribution Detail, Contribution Detail Report, and Contributions by Member Report did not sort correctly by date. All three reports now sort correctly by date.

 Previously, a blank Group record printed all members in the system on all Member and Contribution Reports. This has been addressed so that a blank Group record will not print any members on any report.

 Previously, some users could not generate phone numbers on the Name and Address List report when upgrading from a previous version of Membership Plus. The report has been updated to allow for correct functionality.

 Previously, Groups and Activities did not correctly display on the Name and Address List report. Now when a user filters by Groups and Activities, the correct information will display on the report.

 The counter at the bottom of the Account Groups tab now displays the total number of account groups.


 If a user printed checks and selects the Other Date option on the Print Selected Checks screen, the Transaction Date was what printed on the check. This has been corrected to show the Other Date and not the Transaction Date (the date the transaction was created).

 When MP Viewer was open, it generated an error: access violation at address 01a418c3 in module "mpdatasetobj.bpl." This no longer happens and has been fixed on this release of 12.

 Previously, in Access Rights Setup, if a user was set to View for the Access Level of Classes & Small Groups, they still had the ability to edit information on this data. This is no longer the case on this release of 12. 

 Previously, when there was more than one date listed on the Dates area for an Individual/Family and a user attempted to remove the first date on the list, the confirmation message displayed, "Do you wish to delete the "" entry?". If you selected Yes nothing  happened because it does not recognize that you selected anything. This now works properly.

 Previously, the budget month in any Income and Expense report was off by one month. This is fixed, and now all Income and Expense reports display accurate budget information.

 Previously, when clicking Edit for either of the Canadian Tax Receipts you could not change the Starting Serial Number on the Options tab. This is fixed for this release.

 Previously, the Member/Family directory w/ special characters still showed people marked as inactive or deceased when the option to show those members was not selected. This report now functions correctly. 

 Previously, when using the Calendar Load option and selecting the option, "Clear All Current Calendar Items Before Loading These New", the new items were added without removing the old ones first. Now, old items are removed first.

 Previously, when running the following reports with the option to "Include Families/Individuals with own address" marked on the Filter Sort tab a user got the error, "DBISAM Engine Error 11949 – Unknown or Unexpected symbol ‘)’ found in WHERE clause." The affected reports were Deposits with Contribution Batches, Deposits with Contributor Detail, and Deposits with Contributor Fund/Currency. All three reports are fixed.

 Previously, when using the Contribution Detail Report with Comments, the report would not post two fund lines going to the same fund inside of the same contribution for the same amount correctly. This report now functions correctly.

 Previously, when generating the User Date Report and selecting Joined, filtering would not operate correctly. On the Filter/Sort tab, when creating a filter where the Joined Year is greater than 1900, the Address did not print for any record when previewing the report. If you remove the filter the address will print. The filter now works properly and the address now displays.

 Previously, for all graph reports, if a user selected the Option "Use same colors", on the Options tab  a user saw that the graph is one color, but when going to the preview tab, the colors were all different. These graph reports now function properly.

 The Visitation module now formats phone numbers correctly.



Membership Plus 12.5.3 Revision
ACS Technologies is pleased to announce the release of Membership Plus Version 12.5.3!
This revision includes the following enhancements, changes, and corrections for Membership Plus version 12.

Check out the new Video Library!


Download and Installation Instructions for Revisions




 Added new report, Trial Balance – Actual (No Year End) to report balances without the year end closing entries to the Fund Balance accounts. This can be printed on 12/31/xxxx or the last day of your fiscal year end to show correct account balances before year end closing takes place.


 Updated the Cash Flow (Details) and Cash Flow (Totals) to reflect transactions made to Designated accounts.



Corrected the Budget Calculators when entering new budget information.

 Updated the GL Report to print all transactions that affect the filtered selected account when selecting specific accounts on the Option tab. In previous versions selecting an account would only print those sides of the transaction that affected the selected account and not the offset side of the transactions.




The Backup program now includes Pictorial Directories.




 Added a new Delete Split option to Contribution entry to remove split information added incorrectly or in error.


 Corrected the Contribution Proof List Fund Summary. In previous version it would not record totals that were identical to the same fund.


 Updated the software to not allow duplicate Fund Numbers in Financials.



 Changed contact sort order on the Member/Family Directory by Family and the Family Directory by Family Members to be by the order the contact label was added in Membership Plus. Normally this is, Home, Cell, Work.

 Added the ability for administrators to print Member Note Reports for all Note Types at the same time.


 Updated the Classes & Small Group Absentee Report to display the Small Group or Class the report is printed for.



 Added the ability to sort the Absentee Report under Meeting Reports.




 Enabled Fund Balance Account for account types 11 and 13 (investment income and expense).
 Accounting - Budget - removed amortize from drop down list options.


 Changed the budget window to only display Income and Expense account types.


Reports - Contribution Reports – changed Receipts folder name to Receipts & Statements.


 Reports - Contribution Reports – changed name of Charitable Contributions Report.


Added a Header Memo field under the Date Receipt Issued field. Use this for a Location Issued on the Canadian Tax Receipt and Summary.



 Added the DepositID to the Select Deposit screen when adding a new contribution.


 Changed the label Enter Batch ID to Select Batch ID.



 Added  Edit/Save option to Contacts, Dates, and User-Defined sections of the Data entry tab for Families, Individuals, and Organizations.



Changed all graph reports to display the Options tab first, instead of the Format tab.
 Moved the following reports to new folder under Member Reports:

  • User Date Report
  • User Field Report
  • BirthDATE List User Date
  • BirthDAY List User Date


Cursor no longer moves back to the top of the list when marking attendance under Meetings.



In previous versions when adding a new account, a blank Cash account was also created. This has been corrected.
Accounting Graphs: Expense by Account and Income by Account now report correct totals.


Corrected the Copy and Move Membership options in Groups & Activities to work.
Corrected the Member Note issue of it adding an 1899 date to the End Date when this is left blank on data entry. The end date now matches the Start Date
Corrected the Groups/Activities selection box on reports to fix the Clear All option.
Corrected the Groups & Activities Groups – Group Count for the Multiple Color option to work correctly. In previous versions you had to mark it as False to get the multiple colors and True to get one color.
Reports - Member statuses containing spaces between words causing issues has been corrected.


Family Profile w/ Family Members and Family Quick Profile show duplicate information after adding a new contact number in previous versions of 12. This has been corrected.
The GL Report Cleared Column doesn't print on the same page as transaction. This has been corrected.
Corrected the calculations on the Summary GL report for Designated accounts.
Corrected the Member Directory with Individual Contact Information to display more than one Contact record.
Corrected Family reports to not show contacts not marked to show on Reports and marked unlisted.
Fund Proof (Details) and Fund Proof (Totals) can now be sorted by Account Number.
Corrected the Directory with individual Contact Information to work when a Group is selected on the Filter/Sort tab.
Corrected the Member/Family Directory with Special Character to look at the Member Status of the Individual and not the Family.
Corrected the following reports to print the Organization’s address when the option is selected on the Format Tab:

  • Directory with Individual Contact Info
  • Member/Family Directory by Family
  • Member/Family Directory with Special Character

Updated Quick Letter to merge any contact information. In previous versions only the Primary Phone merged.
Corrected the Meeting Reports Trends to populate data when the criteria was changed.


Membership Plus 12.5.2 Revision
ACS Technologies is pleased to announce the release of Membership Plus Version 12.5.2!
This revision includes the following enhancements, changes, and corrections for Membership Plus version 12.

Check out the new Video Library!

Download and Installation Instructions for Revisions


You can now set a Default Data set that bypasses the Select Dataset window when opening Membership Plus.  To set the default data set, open Membership Plus after loading Membership Plus12.5 and highlight the desired data set. Then, at the top of the window, click Make Default Dataset.  The Access Rights box displays.  After this, each time you log into Membership Plus you will be taken to the Access Rights screen to log in.



You can add the new Birthday field from Members to the Home screen Calendar.  You can add or remove the field by going to File>Properties>Program>General and selecting the Show Individual Birthdate on Home Screen flag.


Under Classes and Small Groups, the Last and First name fields have been added to the grid in the Members area of the Data Entry tab. This allows you to sort individuals by first or last name for faster data entry.


The new Birthdate fields have been added to the filter options on the Individuals List.



You can now print labels or envelopes for your Contributors. Select records with contributions within date range, type of member or only members of specified groups.


Added a Proof List tab in Contributions that will display all Non-Deposited contributions.  You can print this report after entering contributions to check totals before going into the Deposits module and adding the deposit. The report displays in the order contributions were entered.


Added a Contribution Import Tab for any .csv file. View more information and instruction.



Added a help button to define each transaction type on the Transaction Data Entry screen.


The Account Number (Acct#) has been added as a field on the Budget tab in Account Management. This allowsyou to sort accounts by the account number to make budget data entry easier.



To ensure that default reports in Report Generator are not overwritten, you must now enter a new name for a report when the Edit option is selected to make changes to a report.  This creates a new report on the list with your changes and leave the default report unchanged.


 Added a new report - Contribution Labels 3-Up which prints contributor labels for a specified date range or filter and sort criteria 3 to a row.


Added the ability to set a default path for the grid filters folder.  You can updated the path by going to File>Properties>Program>Default Grid Filter Path.


The 1 Line Contribution Detail report has been enhanced to show the Family Name for all family records. In previous versions the report showed the Last name of the family only.

The Pledge Monthly Detail report has been enhanced to print pledges in date order.



Added the Guardian field to the grid in the Individuals module.  When this field displays on the grid, a check mark displays in the box to indicate that the individual is marked as Guardian. If the field is blank, this indicates that the individual is marked as Dependent.


Added the ability to include all Address fields on grids in the Members module.  This includes Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, State, and Zip Code. The addition of these fields allows you to filter and sort Individuals, Families, or Organizations based on any of these criteria.


You can now add multiple members to a group at once in Groups & Activities. Do this by going to the Data Entry window and clicking the Add new member option for the appropriate group under Membership.  Select each individual or family to add by putting a check in the Belongs column.


Access Rights for Member Notes defaults to Edit/View for users marked as Administrator.


Deceased individuals' birthdays no longer display on Home Screen calendar when you add the Birthday field to this calendar.


Added the Deposit Date and Deposit Amount fields to the Contributions List grid. This makes it easier to locate the deposit the selected contribution was added to if changes need to be made.  You can select these fields by using the Customize Grid options in Contributions.

The Pledge area has been added to Membership Plus Standard Version under File>Properties>Data Set>Financials.


Addresses entered on the Data Entry tab for Checking Accounts under Account Management display on the Data Entry form. 


In Report Generator, all lists of Groups are in alphabetical order. This includes the Options tab and Select Groups screen on the Filter/Sort tab.

Pictorial Directories must be converted before compatibility standards are met for version 12.5.2. Upon updating to 12.5.2, these instructions must be followed to maintain a previous version's Pictorial Directory.



Corrected thPrevious Visit for Prospect and Next Visit for Prospect option under Visitation.  Previously, when clicked, nothing happened. Now you can scroll through the recorded visits for the selected Prospect. If there are not visits entered, an information message appears giving you this information.

Corrected the ability to Move/Copy Prospects to Members more than once. In previous versions you could only perform this task on one Prospect. You had to close Visitation and go back into it in order to Move/Copy another Prospect.  You can now do multiple prospects in a row without closing the module.

When adding new individuals, birthdays entered in the Family module are not populating Birth Month, Birth Day and Birth Year fields under Individuals. In previous versions if you added a new individual in the Family module, only the Birthdate field was populated. This left the Birth Month, Birth Day, and Birth Year fields blank on the grid.


The Standard Version of Membership Plus now offers the check scanning options to use a check scanner for Contribution data entry.

Contributions now show in Con@Home without having to go into Funds first.  

You are able to edit the grid in Contribution Data Entry to put the Amount field to the far right and enter contributions without an "Access Violation" error. In the previous versions, if the amount field was last and you hit Tab or Enter on your keyboard after entering the amount, you received the error.

The Contributor's name does not change when editing a contribution from a deleted deposit.  Previously, after you deleted a deposit and edited one of the contributions, the contributor's name would be the next name in the list.


Updated the transaction status at the bottom of the Accounting Transactions window.  In previous versions, no matter what mode you were in, the status at the bottom always showed View.  This has been updated to show when you are in Add, Edit or View mode.

Editing the Memo line on a transaction no longer causes the current balance to be incorrect. In previous versions if you edited a transaction and changed the Memo line, when going back to the Register tab, the Current Balance field was incorrect until you closed out of Transactions.

Users with View Only rights to Transactions can no longer add new transactions. In previous versions, users with View Only rights to Transactions were able to Add a new transaction, but not able to edit existing transactions.

Editing a Transaction in Accounting to update the Reference number now updates the reference number on all splits of the transaction. Previously if you updated the reference number on the transaction it would only update the account you were on, not all accounts connected to the transaction.

You can now make changes to the grid on the Reconciliation tab in Accounting without unclearing any transactions already marked as cleared. In previous versions, if you marked transactions as cleared and edited the grid, those transactions would lose their cleared flag and go back to being uncleared.  

You now have the ability to edit a Transaction Type to Chk Prnt. Previously, when you edited the transaction type to Chk Prnt and clicked Save you received the error message, " is not a valid integer value."  


Custom reports are no longer being deleted if you select Delete and then click No to the confirmation message. In order to delete a custom report, you must click Delete and then click Yes on the confirmation message.

Corrected the Contribution Statement with Pledge Variance report to show the correct calculations at the bottom of the report even if the report is previewed more than once. In previous versions the amounts at the bottom doubled if previewing the report more than one time.

The Income by Month graph is now showing correct totals for all months when a 12 month date range is selected. In previous versions, the last three months of the date range displayed $0.00.

The Contribution Summary report on the Summary tab in Contributions now displays the name of the contributor. In previous versions when you selected a contributor and selected the Summary tab, the name didn't display on the report.

You can now create a filter for the BirthDATE List User Date report based on age.  In previous versions when trying to set a filter based on age, the report showed all individuals in the program.

You can now merge contact information fields in Quick Letter.  In previous versions the Contact fields were available, but did not pull any entered information when merged into a document.

The User Date Report can now be filtered by a selected month. Previously, when selecting a month on the Options tab, the report pulled all months. Now when selecting a month, the report only includes information for the selected month.

The Member List by Group report now defaults to print in alphabetical order based on individual last name or family name.

Membership Plus 12.4.4 Revision
ACS Technologies is pleased to announce the release of Membership Plus Version 12.4.4!
This revision includes the following enhancements, changes, and corrections for Membership Plus version 12.

Check out the new Video Library!

Download and Installation Instructions for Revisions


Complete Printable Help Documentation Now Available. You can print the entire Help documentation for offline reading to assist you while learning Membership Plus! Download printable documents.

Prospect Name Alphabetized. The Prospect Name drop-down is sorted in alphabetical order by last name when adding a new Visit. In previous versions of  Membership Plus12, this was sorted by as entered order.


Program Properties and Data Set Properties Now Sorted Alphabetically. All of the options in the Properties window are sorted alphabetically. In the previous version, the Properties options were sorted by Program Properties first, and then by Data Set Properties.


Proof List Tab in Contributions. The Proof List has been added as a Contributions tab. The Proof List shows a total of all un-deposited contributions.


Accounting Transaction grid focus is on last entered transaction.


You no longer have to click OK on the Select Member screen in Contributions.  When you want to add a contribution, double click the member's name.


Added a column for name to the Undeposited Contributions/Deposit Wizard.


New Birthday Reports. Added two new birthday reports to pull from the newly added Birthday field on the Individuals Data Entry screen. These reports are called "User Date Report" and "User Field Report"



Increased the size of the date field in Transactions to accommodate a MM/DD/YYYY format.


Changed name of Birthday Report 1 and 2 to BirthDAY List User Date and BirthDATE List User Date.  BirthDATE List User Date generates a report with the numeric MMDDYYYY format for the individual's birthday, while BirthDAY List User Date generates the report with a month organization displaying the day only, not the year.


Updated Pictorial Directory Options. See Preview for detailed changes.


Images available where bold:

  • Added Warning Box with Instructions for Adding A Pictorial Directory
  • Removed Caption from Picture Preview on Pictures Tab
  • Changed "Picture" description to "Picture Preview" on Pictures Tab
  • Added "Please Close Pictorial Directory" pop-up when trying to leave the directory to go elsewhere in the software before closing the pictorial directory with the "Close All" option in the top right corner
  • Removed radio buttons beneath the Picture Preview area on the Pictures Tab
  • Added Picture Path field to Grid
  • Changed "File Name" to "Picture File Path and Name" on Pictures Tab
  • Removed option to create a blank caption on the Captions Tab
  • Added a message that appears and confirms your selection on the Captions Tab of what caption you wish to create
  • Added instruction box to the right of the Auto Insert Common Fields when "Design a Custom Caption" is selected


Select Member dialog box in meetings now has columns to show names of members for selection. In previous versions, the Select Member dialog box contained no columns and you had to type in the name of the member to add to the group.

User name information is now being included in an archived data set. 

You are now able to select dates after 2010 when archiving. In previous versions, you could not select a date past 2010.

The Data Entry grid in Contributions is now saving changes made.

The copy previous shortcut key has been updated to be ALT + O. The pick previous shortcut key is now ALT + R.

Financial bank accounts can now be linked to Accounting savings or cash accounts.  In previous versions of Membership 12, you could only link a Financial bank to an Accounting checking account.

The Deposit Summary tab now shows correct Fund Split information for deposits that have the same date. In the previous versions of Membership 12, the information at the top matched the selected deposits, but the Fund Split information included all deposits that had the same date as the selected deposit.

The amounts are no longer doubled when previewing the Contribution Statement with Pledge Variance more than once.

You can now select dates after 2010 on all graph reports. In previous versions of Membership 12, you could not select a year past 2010.

Deceased members no longer print on Phone Directory reports by default. You must now select the option “Include members marked as Inactive/Deceased."


The Automatically Edit Records option now works in the Accounting Payees screen. In previous versions of Membership 12, you had to click Edit at the top of the screen to edit payee information, even if you had the option to Automatically Edit Records selected.

You are now able to create a Return Packet in Contributions @ Home after entering new contributions.

The Add Attendees search box now has members name field display for easy selection of members for Event Registration.

You can now see the Costs, Contact, and Note options at the bottom of the Add Attendees screen in Event Registration.


The status at the bottom of the Transaction’s Data Entry screen has been corrected to properly show which mode you are in. In previous versions of Membership 12, the status remained on View no matter which mode you were in. Now it properly reflects, View, Add or Edit.

Membership Plus 12.4.2 - 12.4.3 Revision
ACS Technologies is pleased to announce the release of Membership Plus Version 12.4.2!

This release is a full upgrade from previous versions of Membership Plus. It includes the following changes, corrections, and enhancements from Membership Plus Version 12.3.3.


 Added Pledge Date and CONID to Contributions grid. The Pledge Date has been added to the Contributions grid to help identify problems with Pledge Date when trying to archive older data. The CONID has been added to the contributions grid to sort on, in order to sort contributions by "As Entered" order.

 New Contribution Proof List (Undeposited Contributions). The new Contribution Proof List will show only Undeposited Contributions.

 Added more column options to the Meeting grid. The columns, Last Name and Sort Name have been added to the Meeting grid to allow easier sorting by last name.

 Added the Account Type option to the Budget grid. This option has been added to have the ability to sort the Budget grid by account types. This gives the users the ability to filter on income and expense only.

 Added the Transaction Type option to the Transacation grid. The option to show Transaction Type has been added to the Register grid to allow sorting or filtering on Transaction Type.

 The ability to show either Name or Envelope Number has been added to most Contribution and Deposit

Reports. This option allows you to display just Envelope Numbers for your contributors on Contribution and Deposit reports.

 You can now select to not show Accounts with $0.00 balances on Accounting reports. The option has been added to Accounting reports to remove all accounts with a $0.00 balance.

 Added a Cancel button to reports in Report Generator. A new Cancel option has been added to reports in Report Generator to stop a report from processing if Preview was selected in error.


 A new Member/Family Directory - 1 Line has been added. The new Member/Family Directory - 1 Line is an updated format from the older one and allows more filtering and sorting options.

 Contribution entry has been simplified to have only one Amount field. The new Contribution entry screen now requires the amount to only be entered once for each transaction.

 The Attendance grid for Classes & Small Groups has been expanded. The new expanded grid allows for extra columns, such as Last Name to be selected.

 The Group and Small Group areas on the Data Entry tab of Members has been updated to include all groups and small groups. In previous versions only the first 25 groups or small groups in the list would show.


 Adding a transaction with a previous date is not deleting split information. Entering transactions with a previous date caused split information on transactions already entered to be deleted. This has been corrected.

 Tabbing through the name fields on an individual or family record is not giving you the Duplicate Record message. When editing an existing individual or family record you received the message, "This is a duplicate record, do you still want to save the information?".

 In Payees, tabbing through display name causes the record to be deleted. Now the record is not deleted when tabbing through the display name.

 Contribution Proof List and Contribution Detail Report now sort alphabetically.

 Deposit reports are now allowing the option to Limit Report to Single Record select.

 When editing an accounting transaction, you will be able to edit the date.

 Corrections have been made to the Pledge model to allow easier entry of pledge information. Previously you had to use the Calculator in order to enter any information for pledges. Now there is a new edit amount button that can be used.

 The More Data tab in Member Browser now displays Contribution and Pledge information for selected members.

 Avery Labels have been corrected to allow filtering on User Date Month. In previous versions the filter for User Date Month returned all records where any user date month was equal to the month selected.

 Quick Letter and Pictorial Directory merge fields are no longer being deleted when saving the change. After adding a new merged field, press the Space bar to add a space after the merged field to save the information.

Membership Plus 12.3.3 Revision
ACS Technologies is pleased to announce the release of Membership Plus Version 12.3.3!

This release is a full upgrade from previous versions of Membership Plus. It includes the following changes, corrections, and enhancements from Membership Plus Version 12.3.1.


 Transaction Type populated from contribution selected using the Copy Prev or Pick Prev options rather than the last contribution entered. In earlier versions of 12, the Transaction Type (or Currency Type) populated based on the last contribution saved. This appeared to change the Transaction Type from contributions that were selected using Copy Prev or Pick Prev. Now the Transaction Type matches the contribution selected.


 The Select Pledge Period, Select Deposit, and Enter Batch ID fields on the Contribution data entry screen have been changed to view only. Previously you could tab to these fields, but were unable to type any information. To populate these fields, you must click on the corresponding buttons. 

 There are new label and heading changes in Deposits. The following changes were made when adding a new deposit:

  • Deposit Date = Bank Deposit Date
  • Default Bank = Selected Bank
  • Selected Undeposited Contributions = Contributions to be included in deposit
  • Selection Filter Options = Contribution Filter Options
  • Use Date Range = Include Contributions Date Range
  • Use Batches = Include Contribution Batches


 The conversion process is now converting Archived data sets. Previously, archived data sets within the current data set folder were not being converted to version 12. To convert the archive data, you  needed to restore that data and run the conversion separately on the archived data set. 

 Accounting is now recognizing fiscal year ending any month other than December. Data sets that had a fiscal year ending in a month other than December were not getting the prompt to run the Year End Procedure when adding a new transaction.  This has been corrected and when you add a new transaction in the new fiscal year, the Year End Procedure message will appear. 

 The Copy Prev and Pick Prev are not copying the check number. When adding a new contribution using Copy Prev or Pick Prev, the check number field is not copying from the previously entered contribution. 

 List of Non-Contributors is now displaying envelope numbers for members.

Membership Plus 12.3.1 Revision
ACS Technologies is pleased to announce the release of Membership Plus Version 12.3.1!

This release is a full upgrade from previous versions of Membership Plus. It includes the following changes, corrections, and enhancements from Membership Plus Version 12.2.2.

View a complete list of corrected and changed reports for Membership Plus Version 12.3.1


 Added a Group Builder Wizard Button in Groups & Activities. Previously, the Group Builder Wizard menu option was located in the Options menu where it was not a visible selection.  Now you can access it from the main Groups & Activities screen.

 Added the Country to addresses on the Avery Labels under Member Reports. If a Country is added to an address on a member record, it will print on all Avery Labels. 

 Activated the horizontal scroll to Member and Financial Modules. The horizontal scroll makes it possible to add several columns to the grids without making the columns smaller to fit on the screen. When more columns are added to the grid that do not fit on the current screen, a scroll bar appears at the bottom of the screen that allows you to navigate left or right to view all columns. 


 When using the Transaction Type of Chk Prnt, the Ref Number entered on the data entry screen will be entered on all accounts affected by the transaction. In the previous versions the Ref Numbered entered would only transfer to the checking account. Now, all accounts (i.e. expense, income, liability) will have the same Ref Number as the checking account each of these types of transactions. 

 The tab order on the Transaction Data Entry screen has been changed for easier data entry. If you are using the Tab key on the keyboard, the fields will be active in the following order: 

  1. Number
  2. Date
  3. Description
  4. Amount
  5. Memo
  6. Post To
  7. Split 

The tab order on all Member Data Entry screens has been changed for easier data entry. If you are using the Tab key on the keyboard the fields will be active in the following order:

  1. First
  2. Middle
  3. Last
  4. Preferred
  5. Title
  6. Suffix
  7. Displayed Name
  8. Mailing Name 1
  9. Mailing Name 2
  10. Envelope #
  11. Family Role
  12. Birthdate
  13. Status
  14. Gender
  15. Marital Status
  16. Employer
  17. Social Security #
  18. Guardian
  19. Inactive/Deceased
  20. Enable check scanning 

The Run SQL option has been activated. A new warning message has been added when clicking on the Run SQL option to indicate that this is an advanced procedure and should only be used with the assistance of a Membership Plus representative.


 You can now mark attendance in Classes & Small Groups. In 12.2.2 you were not able to remove the check mark in the Present column when marking attendance in Classes & Small Groups. 

 Check styles can now be edited to make changes. When editing a check style in the previous version, the incorrect style would show on the edit screen. 

 Voided checks are no longer printing on the Reconcile Report. In earlier versions of 12, any voided check was printing as an Uncleared check on the reconcile report. 

 New Member/Family Directory with Special Character now printing in alphabetical order by last name. 

 In Visitation, the Visits from the Prospect list will only show visits for the selected prospect and not all visits. When selecting a Prospect on the List tab to see the Visits FROM Prospects, the previous versions of 12 would list all Visits from the Prospect for all prospects. 

 When closing Contributions and saving a Deposit, it will now post to the Accounting module if you are on Deluxe and have set up Fund and Bank linking. When trying to save a new Deposit after closing the Contribution module, it was not posting to the Accounting module if you were using Deluxe and correctly linked your Funds and Banks. You were forced to delete the deposit and add a new one directly from the Deposit module to have it saved. 

 The option to convert a prospect to a member has been added back to the Visitation module with a new Options button. In order to convert a prospect to a member you can now select the prospect on the List tab and click the new Options button at the top of the screen to complete the conversion process.

 You can now add a negative contribution. The ability to add a negative contribution to handle returned checks has been added back into version 12.

Membership Plus 12.2.2 Revision
ACS Technologies is pleased to announce the release of Membership Plus Version 12.2.2!

This release is a full upgrade from previous versions of Membership Plus. It includes the following changes, corrections, and enhancements from Membership Plus Version 12.2.1.


 On the Member/Family Directory with Special Character phone report, you can mark members with a specific member status with a special character. On this new report, you can select which member status you want to mark with the special character, allowing you to easily find members of that status on the report. 

 You can display Envelope Numbers on the Contribution List grid. Inside the grid, right-click and select Customize Grid. Then, in the Customize window, under Fields, select Envelope

 You can edit contacts on a Member or Family's record. This saves your church valuable time, since you don't have to delete contacts and add them back.* 

 You can print the chart on the Home screen. Printing the chart lets you share it with others in your church or organization when you may not have access to a computer, such as during meetings. 


 You can Add or Remove Contributions using the Options button. The Options button is located the top of the Deposit window, beside the Reports button. To do this, simply select the contribution on the Contributions tab, then click Options and select Add Contribution or Remove Contribution

 A new message displays when deleting a Family. When deleting a family record that has attached individuals with financial information, you are prompted to leave the individual records and delete only the family record. This ensures that you have accurate Contributions data. 

 Enter Site Information is now Enter Registration Information. On the File menu, the Enter Site Information option has been renamed to Enter Registration Information. The Site Number and Registration Code are still required when registering Membership Plus.


 In Accounting, Check Styles now preview and print correctly.  Deluxe Version clients using Membership Plus Version 12 may have had issues printing checks in Transactions. 

 You can easily select Tax Deductible contributions. Please review the new steps below and edit any contributions you have entered since installing Membership Plus Version 12.  

When entering new contributions, you MUST click in the Tax Deduction check box to mark the contribution as Tax Deductible.  When you enter the contribution, the Tax Deduction field has a gray check mark, but it is not selected.


After selecting the check box, you will see the check mark is bold. This indicates that the contribution is marked as Tax Deductible.


This change does not affect contributions entered using Membership Plus Version 11.

You can edit Contributions entered since the installation of Membership Plus Version 12 to mark the Tax Deduction field.  To edit contributions that have already been deposited, first delete the deposit, make the necessary changes, and then add the deposit back as it was previously.  You can review the instructions for editing a contribution in the new Membership Plus Help .  

 The Contribution Statement Detail and Summary reports now total correctly. Previously, if you selected a Sort By option or entered multiple contributions on the same day, the totals were incorrect. These reports are also defaulted to sort in alphabetical order by last name. 

 When exporting deposit information to QuickBooks or Quicken, you can now create new Funds in Membership Plus Version 12. The option to link new funds and new accounts in the third party product was not available under Contributions Funds. This function was added back into the program for Version 12.2.2.   

 Pledge vs. Contributions by Member report are now correct for families or members with the same last name. Previously, the contribution and pledge totals were added together for families and individuals with the same last name. 

 Editing Accounting Transactions without a split removed part of the transactions from reports. If you edited a single entry accounting transaction, the transaction displayed a split, but part of the transaction did not display correctly on the report. 

 The option to filter on record types now function in the Contributions' Select Member window. The options to filter on Families, Guardians, Dependants, or Organizations in the Select Member window when adding contributions did not work in Version 12.

ACS Technologies is pleased to announce the August 2010 release of Membership Plus Version 12.0! This release is a full upgrade from previous versions of Membership Plus. It includes comprehensive enhancements, innovative new features, user-friendly design, and much more.  


 Redesigned Grids

 Customizable Grids

All grids in Membership Plus are now customizable.  With this new feature, you can choose which fields to display, change the order of columns, group the column fields to show only the information you want to see, and use an autofilter for any column. This upgrade affects nearly every module and window in Membership Plus, so please read detailed instructions on how to use the new customizable grids.

For Example

You can group individuals by status and birth month. This groups the individuals to show members' birthday months.

 Run Filters on all Grids

Now you can filter any grid to display only the information you want to see. You can filter using any data entry field, including birth year, membership status, gender, employer, and many more. Additionally, you can save any filter you create to use over and over again.

Learn more about Creating Filters for grids in Membership Plus.

 Quick Printing from Grids

Learn more about printing from grids in Membership Plus.

 Data Entry – Redesigned

Instead of scrolling to enter member information, separate areas now exist in Families, Individuals, and Organizations data entry windows. See the example data entry example for families.  


 Add Members to Groups, Classes & Small Groups Without Changing Modules

In response to our user's requests, it's now possible to add Individuals, Families, and Organizations to groups, classes, and small groups without first changing modules.

 Birth Date Included for Individuals

For your convenience, birth date is now a standard data entry field for individuals and is available on the grid. Quick sorting, filtering, and printing of birthday lists is one of the most frequent requests we've had so far. So, now you don't need to add birth date as a user-defined date field.


 Contribution Entry

The core module for adding and maintaining your organization's contributions is redesigned to offer improved, user-friendly data entry navigation and also a new customizable data entry grid. 


 Accounting Transactions

Membership Plus Accounting modules better conform to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) established by the Financial Accounting Standards Board. These improvements help to ensure that your organization's accounting practices are accurate, organized, standardized, and comprehensive.


The Accounting module is only available in Membership Plus Deluxe. Membership Plus Standard is not affected by the new Accounting changes.


Adding Transactions is more user-friendly now that enhancements to functionality and design can help you to work faster, easier, and with greater accuracy.  The Register screen now offers a customizable grid so you can include only the fields that you want to see.  You can sort by check number, date, amount, payee, or any active field, and you can filter quickly to find specific transactions without scrolling through many pages.  Transaction detail displays in the lower part of the window so you can avoid opening multiple windows. 

 The Home Page – New Name and Updated Design

The Welcome Screen is now called the Home Page.  This term is more familiar to many users. Additionally, the Home Page is updated to display the Auto-task list and Calendar Reminders in an easier-to-read format.  Both your organization's site number and name also display at the top of the window, above the chart.  

 Enhanced Access Rights Protection for Member Notes

Previously, administrators of Membership Plus were only able to assign access rights for the entire module of Member Notes.
Now, administrators and pastors can set the access rights of individual Member Note Types.

For Example


If your organization's staff includes a separate secretary and treasurer, both secretary and treasurer can use Member Notes to keep track of important information. This information can be private, so that other users of Membership Plus do not have access to it. In Member Notes, the secretary can limit access to meeting minutes to a specific group of users. The treasurer can limit access to treasury notes to a different group of selected users.  In addition, the pastor can be certain that members' counseling notes are secure and can limit all other users' access rights so that no one else can view these notes.

Learn more about managing the access rights of Member Notes.

 New Reports

New reports, more options, and cleaner report formatting of reports make the Report Generator more useful to you than ever before.

See a list of New and Updated Reports.

 New Names for Groups, Small Groups, and Accounts

To clarify the differences between Groups and Small Groups, the names of these modules are changed to Groups & Activities and Classes & Small Groups. The new names indicate the purpose of these two modules. Read more about the differences between Groups and Small Groups.

For clarity and conciseness, these two modules are referred to as Groups and Small Groups in the User Guide and all help documentation.

The Membership Plus Accounts submodule is now named Account Management. This name indicates that you can do all necessary account management in this one module.  From there, you can create your chart of accounts, edit accounts, add budget amounts, and group amounts to better track you organization's finances.

 New General Ledger Designated Account Types

To conform to GAAP, designated accounts, also known as restricted accounts, are included as an account type. You can now use designated accounts to delegate your organization's financial assets to its various activities and funds.


 Linking General Ledger Accounts to Contributions Funds

To make things easier when linking contribution funds and general ledger accounts, you can now select the appropriate income, designated or liability account from a drop-down list in the newly added Account field when you add or edit a fund in Financials.  However, you can no longer link a contribution fund and general ledger account from the Accounts module.

 Debit and Credit Terminology

Previous versions of Membership Plus used the terms "deposit" and "payment" and "increase" and "decrease" to denote when funds were added to an account and removed from an account. These are not the most accurate terms, so in order to conform to GAAP, the terms "debit" and "credit" are now used in Transactions.

Debit and Credit


In accounting, the terms debit and credit do not have their ordinary meanings . According to GAAP, two accounts are required in every transaction. This procedure is called double-entry accounting. It also means that every transaction has two sides. The left side of the transaction is always the debit. The right side of the transaction is always the credit. The types of accounts involved in a transaction determine whether debits or credits remove money from or add money to accounts. Learn more about debits and credits.

 Workflow Module Retired

To enhance usability and effectiveness of other Membership Plus modules, the Workflow module used in in previous versions Membership Plus is removed from Version 12.