Membership Plus 12.4.4 Revision

ACS Technologies is pleased to announce the release of Membership Plus Version 12.4.4!
This revision includes the following enhancements, changes, and corrections for Membership Plus version 12.

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 Complete Printable Help Documentation Now Available - You are now able to print the entire Help Documentation for offline reading to assist you while learning Membership Plus! Click here for printable documents.

 Prospect Name Alphabetized - The Prospect Name drop down is sorted in alphabetical order by last name when adding a new Visit. In previous versions of 12, this was sorted by as entered order.


 Program Properties and Data Set Properties Now Sorted Alphabetically - All of the options in the Properties window pane are sorted alphabetically. In the previous version, the Properties options were sorted by Program Properties first, and then by Data Set Properties.


 Proof List Tab in Contributions - The Proof List has been added as a tab in Contributions. The Proof List will show a total of all un-deposited contributions.


 Accounting Transaction grid focus is on last entered transaction.


 You no longer have to click OK on the Select Member screen in Contributions. - When you are trying to add a contribution, simply double click the name of the member.


 Added a column for name to the Undeposited Contributions/Deposit Wizard.


 New Birthday Reports - Added two new birthday reports to pull from the newly added Birthday field on the Individuals Data Entry screen. These reports are now called "User Date Report" and "User Field Report"



 Increased the size of the date field in Transactions to accommodate a MM/DD/YYYY format.


 Changed name of Birthday Report 1 and 2 to BirthDAY List User Date and BirthDATE List User Date. BirthDATE List User Date will generate a report with the numeric MMDDYYYY format for the individual's birthday, while BirthDAY List User Date will generate the report with a month organization displaying the day only, not the year.


Updated Pictorial Directory Options. See Preview for detailed changes.


Images available where bold:

  • Added Warning Box with Instructions for Adding A Pictorial Directory
  • Removed Caption from Picture Preview on Pictures Tab
  • Changed "Picture" description to "Picture Preview" on Pictures Tab
  • Added "Please Close Pictorial Directory" pop-up when trying to leave the directory to go elsewhere in the software before closing the pictorial directory with the "Close All" option in the top right corner
  • Removed radio buttons beneath the Picture Preview area on the Pictures Tab
  • Added Picture Path field to Grid
  • Changed "File Name" to "Picture File Path and Name" on Pictures Tab
  • Removed option to create a blank caption on the Captions Tab
  • Added a message that appears and confirms your selection on the Captions Tab of what caption you wish to create
  • Added instruction box to the right of the Auto Insert Common Fields when "Design a Custom Caption" is selected


 Select Member dialog box in meetings now has columns to show names of members for selection. - In previous versions, the Select Member dialog box contained no columns and you had to type in the name of the member to add to the group.

 User name information is now being included in an archived dataset. 

 You are now able to select dates after 2010 when archiving - In previous versions, you could not select a date past 2010.

 The Data Entry grid in Contributions is now saving changes made.

 The copy previous shortcut key has been updated to be ALT + O. The pick previous shortcut key is now ALT + R.

 Financial bank accounts can now be linked to Accounting savings or cash accounts. - In previous versions of 12, you could only link a Financial bank to an Accounting checking account.

 The Deposit Summary tab now shows correct Fund Split information for deposits that have the same date. - In the previous versions of 12, the information at the top matched the selected deposits, but the Fund Split information included all deposits that had the same date as the selected deposit.

 The amounts are no longer doubled when previewing the Contribution Statement with Pledge Variance more than once.

 You are now able to select dates after 2010 on all graph reports. - In previous versions of 12, you could not select a year past 2010.

 Deceased members are no longer printing on Phone Directory reports by default. - You must now select the option “Include members marked as Inactive/Deceased."


 The Automatically Edit Records option now works in the Accounting Payees screen. - In previous versions of 12, you had to click the Edit button at the top of the screen to edit payee information, even if you had the option to Automatically Edit Records selected.

 You are now able to create a Return Packet in Contributions @ Home after entering new contributions.

 The Add Attendees search box now has members name field to display for easy selection of members for Event Registration.

 You are now able to see the Costs, Contact, and Note buttons at the bottom of the Add Attendees screen in Event Registration.


 The status at the bottom of the Transaction’s Data Entry screen has been corrected to properly show which mode you are in. - In previous versions of 12, the status remained on View no matter which mode you were in. Now it properly reflects, View, Add or Edit.



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