ACS Technologies is pleased to announce the release of Membership Plus Version 12.5.3!
This revision includes the following enhancements, changes, and corrections for Membership Plus version 12.

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(tick) Added new report, Trial Balance – Actual (No Year End) to report balances without the year end closing entries to the Fund Balance accounts. This can be printed on 12/31/xxxx or the last day of your fiscal year end to show correct account balances before year end closing takes place.

(tick) Updated the Cash Flow (Details) and Cash Flow (Totals) to reflect transactions made to Designated accounts.


(tick) Corrected the Budget Calculators when entering new budget information.

(tick) Updated the GL Report to print all transactions that have affected the filtered selected account when selecting specific accounts on the option tab. In previous versions selecting an account would only print those sides of the transaction that affected the selected account and not the offset side of the transactions.


(tick) Backup program has been updated to include Pictorial Directories.


(tick) Added a new Delete Split button to Contribution entry to remove split information added incorrectly or in error.

(tick) Corrected the Contribution Proof List Fund Summary. In previous version it would not record totals that were identical to the same fund.

(tick) Updated program to not allow duplicate Fund Numbers in Financials.


(tick) Changed sort order of contacts on the Member/Family Directory by Family and the Family Directory by Family Members to be by the order the contact label was added in the system. Normally, Home, Cell, Work.

(tick) Added the ability for Admins to print Member Note Reports for all Note Types at the same time.

(tick) Updated the Classes & Small Group Absentee Report to display the Small Group or Class the report is printed for.


(tick) Added the ability to sort the Absentee Report under Meeting Reports.



(tick) Enabled Fund Balance Account for account types 11 and 13 (investment income and expense).
(tick) Accounting - Budget - removed amortize from drop down list options.

(tick) Changed the budget screen to only display Income and Expense account types.


(tick) Reports - Contribution Reports - changed Receipts folder name to Receipts & Statements.

(tick) Reports - Contribution Reports - changed name of Charitable Contributions Report.

(tick) Added a Header Memo field under the Date Receipt Issued field to be used by churches for a Location Issued on Canadian Tax Receipt and Summary.

(tick) Added the DepositID to the Select Deposit screen when adding a new contribution.

(tick) Changed the label Enter Batch ID to Select Batch ID.


(tick) Added new Edit/Save button to Contacts, Dates, and User-Defined sections of the Data entry tab for Families, Individuals, and Organizations.


(tick) Changed all graph reports to display the Options tab first, instead of the Format tab.
(tick) Moved the following reports to new folder under Member Reports:
• User Date Report
• User Field Report
• BirthDATE List User Date
• BirthDAY List User Date


(tick) Cursor no longer moves back to the top of the list when marking attendance under Meetings.



(tick) In previous versions when adding a new account a blank Cash account is also created. This has been corrected.
(tick) Accounting Graphs: Expense by Account and Income by Account now report correct totals.


(tick) Corrected the Copy and Move Membership options in Groups & Activities to work.
(tick) Corrected the Member Note issue of it adding an 1899 date to the End Date when this is left blank on data entry. The end date now matches the Start Date
(tick) Corrected the Groups/Activities selection box on reports to fix the Clear All option.
(tick) Corrected the Groups & Activities Groups – Group Count for the Multiple Color option to work correctly. In previous versions you had to mark it as False to get the multiple colors and True to get one color.
(tick) eports - Member statuses containing spaces between words causing issues has been corrected.


(tick) Family Profile w/ Family Members and Family Quick Profile show duplicate information after adding a new contact number in previous versions of 12. This has been corrected.
(tick) GL Report Cleared Column not printing on the same page as transaction. This has been corrected.
(tick) Corrected the calculations on the Summary GL report for Designated accounts.
(tick) Corrected the Member Directory with Individual Contact Information to display more than one Contact record.
(tick) Corrected the Family reports to not show contacts not marked to show on Reports and marked unlisted.
(tick) Fund Proof (Details) and Fund Proof (Totals) can now be sorted by Account Number.
(tick) Corrected the Directory with individual Contact Information to work when a Group is selected on the Filter/Sort tab.
(tick) Corrected the Member/Family Directory with Special Character to look at the Member Status of the Individual and not the Family.
(tick) Corrected the following reports to print the Organization’s address when the option is selected on the Format Tab:
• Directory with Individual Contact Info
• Member/Family Directory by Family
• Member/Family Directory with Special Character
(tick) Updated Quick Letter to merge any contact information. In previous versions only the Primary Phone was able to be merged.
(tick) Corrected the Meeting Reports -> Trends to populate data when the criteria was changed.


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