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Released October 18, 2013


New Long Distance and International Phone Number Formats

We made it possible to enter long distance and international phone numbers. In any phone number field, enter 1 to change the field format for long distance, or enter 0 for international.

This allows automated dialing programs such as Phone Tree to work correctly. This also compensates if you're in an area of Pennsylvania that requires you to dial 1 for long distance within your area code.

New Fund Period Message

We added a message to help you decide if you want to insert a new fund period or use the New Year Fund Setup process.

If you insert a new fund period in the Fund Setup window and there is at least one fund period already set up, you receive the message. Click Yes to go to the New Year Fund Setup window, or click No to continue inserting a new fund period.

Support for Dedicated Label Printers

We improved the support of dedicated label printers. That way, you can run and print any label report instead of creating a custom report.

We added a new Dedicated Label Printer check box to the label style. This disables the label dimension and sets the report to print one label per page.

Reorder User Reports

We extended the ability to reorder user-defined reports to any user, not just security administrators.

In the Reports window, click Reorder User Reports. Users who are set as Security Administrators can add, remove, or move section names and reports. All other users with access to the reports section can move reports that they own or are marked as public or shared.

Note:  Only one user can reorder reports in the program at a time.

Note About Multiple Same-Day Contributions

We included a descriptive note at the bottom of the IRS substantiation page in the End of Year Donor Substantiation tax report. This applies if there are multiple contributions made on the same day that are combined into a single entry reported as a "donation."

Print Sacraments Within a Date Range

You can now limit the entries you print for a sacramental register to a certain date range.

When you print a register from the Sacramental Registers window, a dialog box now displays. You can enter a volume number and a date range, or you can leave the date range blank to print all entries within the volume.

Verify Correct Relationship Keywords

We added a Check Relationship button to help clarify if you entered the correct relationship keyword.

This button is located on the Relationship window of the Families section as well as in the dialog box that displays when you click Use Existing Family or Use Existing Member.

New Online Registration Process

We added a process where families can register their students online.

On the Information tab, click Students > Processes > Register Families and Enroll Students Online.

This process includes all the features of the Register Families and Enroll Students Via Email process, plus the following:

  • We added .css styling to the .html file so you can customize the look of the web form.
  • You can now include a URL and message on the confirmation page that displays after the registration form is filled out.
  • You can specify which fields are required.
  • The family can specify if they are registering for the first time or if they’re updating information.
  • We added more fields for students.
  • We added an option to skip checking for duplicate or existing families.
  • The program can generate the code required to post to an article in Extend.
  • The forms processor can now process forms created by an earlier version of the program.


Resolved Corrections

In Tuition and Fees reports, the Family Selections tab was disappearing after changing the sort order from EZ-Mail.

When sending a letter via email, the HTML option was causing multiple copies of each page to be sent.

The summary of printed letters and emails was including all members instead of just the group selected in the Additional Selections.
 There was a problem with user access rights when funds were shared between the Office programs.

When enrolling a student, the dialog box that confirms the name wasn't displaying the student's age.

An error was displaying when sending emails from PDS using the internal email client.

The text for some buttons was cut off when the screen resolution was set to 800 x 600 pixels and the option for 20% larger font was selected.

When changing screen configuration options, clicking any Set to… button was causing the changes to revert.

The Email Export to Constant Contact report for families wasn't displaying the family email field.

Some reports were sorting names incorrectly based on capitalization.

While deleting funds in the Fund Setup window, the program was closing if you tried to open another program.

The label for program updates on the Home window was not clickable.

In any Class report, if you selected Include Classes with the Year/Period of option on the Class Selection tab, an error was displaying when clicking the drop-down list.

When running a student letter, the Include Courtesy Copies check box wasn't displaying.

When importing new records using Advanced Options, the ID/Env Number was not displaying the Required label appropriately.

The family phone number type was importing incorrectly.


Check out the Formation Office 7.0B Hot Fixes from August 30th and September 4th for corrections you may have missed.