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  • 2012 Tax Update FAQs



 I'm an OnDemand client. When will you run my update?

ACS Technologies has not received the final version of the IRS Publication 15 (Circular E) at this time. Once we receive this file, we will make the necessary changes to our software and create an update to be loaded on your individual site. Please continue to read the OnDemand overlay message for the latest information.

 How do I know if my State Tax changed this year?

Currently these states have reported changes:

California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Idaho, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

 When will the Tax update be available?

The 2012 ACS Technologies Tax Update is now available.

To learn more about the other features in the update, view the ACS Release Notes or the ACS Release Notes. To download the update, visit the ACS Technologies Client Portal.

The tax update is a full ACS version update, so please allow for normal processes and procedures for loading an update.

 I have to perform payroll next week and need these state changes, what should I do?

Perform your first payroll of 2012 with the 2011 state tax tables. The State Tax changes will be included with our next update release.

 What version do I need to load in order to receive the tax changes?

The latest updates will be:

  • ACS
  • ACS
  • PDS 6.2B
 Do I need to load this tax update if my individual state did not change?

Yes. The update also contains a W-3 form change.

 How do I check to see if my update loaded correctly and that my tax changes are right?

Within the ACS Software, click Help > About, then look for either version or

 What are the Federal 2012 tax changes?
  • The Employee’s portion of Social Security Withholding will remain at 4.2% for the next 2 months
  • A Form W-3 Change (Kind of Employer now prints on the form)
  • A Form 1096 Change (The 1099-MISC checkbox is now the third box on the second row)
  • 2012 Social Security Wage Limit increased to 110,100.00

Since Forms W-3 and 1096 have changed, you must print these reports on updated forms. Otherwise, the forms do not display correctly.

To purchase forms and other supplies, visit the ACS Technologies Online Store.


For additional information about this change, visit the IRS Payroll Tax Cut Web page