When accessing individuals in Checkpoint, this error displays: 

"DBISam engine error 8961 header information corrupt in table awcpindv."


The table Awcpindv is corrupt.

To resolve this issue, perform a People Suite backup, then repair the tables. 


DBISam tables have 3 files, .acsdat (data), .acsidx (index) and .acsblb (memo).

When a DBISam table is rebuilt in table maintenance, the original table is backed up. The backup of the original table has the extensions .acsibk, .acsbk and .acsdbk.



The Windows instructions in the following procedures are for Windows 8.1.

 To perform a people backup
  1. Make sure all ACS users are logged out of all ACS Desktop Products before performing the backup.
  2. On the Windows desktop, click the Start button  in the lower-left corner of the screen. The Start screen displays.
  3. Click the arrow button . The Apps view displays.
  4. Click Utility Manager. The ACS Technologies - Utility Manager window displays.
  5. Click ACS Backup, then log in using your ACS user name and password.
  6. Under Data Options, select People Data Backup.
  7. Optional: Under Additional Options, select Verify Backup.
  8. Under Configuration, note the Backup Destination Directory. To change the location, click Lookup .
  9. Click Backup
  10. In the Select Datasets window, clear any datasets you do not want to back up. We recommend backing up all datasets in each backup in case your data needs to be repaired, but if you include pictures, the backup may be very large.

  11. Click OK.



If you use ACS OnDemand, log into OnDemand as an administrator to make a backup.

 To verify and repair corrupt DBISam tables
  1. On the Windows desktop, click the Start button  in the lower-left corner of the screen. The Start screen displays.
  2. Click the arrow button . The Apps view displays.
  3. Click Utility Manager.
  4. Click Table Maintenance
  5. Enter your ACS user name and password, then click OK
  6. Under Tables, select PeopleFinancials or System.
  7. If you use multiple People or Financial datasets,select the appropriate datasets to repair.
  8. Click Repair All Tables. If you need to repair a single table, locate and select the table, then click Repair Table
  9. If a confirmation message displays, click Yes to continue, then click OK.
  10. At the end of the process, the system displays a list of the repaired tables. To print this list, click File, then Print.
  11. Click Close, then Exit.



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