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ACS is a recommended update that offers several enhancements and corrections.

Year-End Updates

Several of these enhancements are designed to make year-end as streamlined and easy as possible for your organization. To learn more about year-end procedures in ACS, see the ACS Year-End Guide.

The update also features 2012 Federal and Social Security tax changes, as well as state tax changes for California, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Dakota, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and the District of Columbia.


 Changing or Resetting your ACS Tax E-File Password

If you electronically file Forms 1099, 941, or W-2, you can now change or reset the password for your e-filing account. To do this, in the Account Setup window, click Change Password or Reset Password.

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 Kind of Employer Prints on Form W-3

When printing Form W-3, you can now select the Kind of Employer. Since most ACS Payroll clients are private, non-government employers, the default option, 501c non-govt., is selected. The updated form complies with the IRS 2011 W-3 Transmittal, and the new section displays on the 2011 Form W-3.

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 Displaying Overspending as Positive

When customizing the Analysis of Revenues and Expenses report, you can now show overspending as positive. When selected, if more than the budgeted amount was spent, the Budget to Actual spending displays as a positive number.

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 Updated Form 1096

The 1099-MISC check box is now the third checkbox on the second row on Form 1096. Previously, this was the first check box.

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Data exports display incorrect fund information.


"DBISAM Engine Error #9732" displays when deleting an item from a Purchase Order.


The Sources and Uses of Funds report does not save report view settings.


The date reverts to the system date when entering General Ledger transactions.


The bank account does not refresh when adding new General Ledger transactions.


Customers with prepayments are not reflected in the system.