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ACS Desktop is written in Delphi. Delphi is an integrated development environment provided by Embarcadero Technologies, and is one of the most respected and widely used Rapid Application Development (RAD) environments available. The base programming language for Delphi is Object Pascal, and the environment supports a rich set of components and controls.

Delphi is an excellent choice for ACS Desktop applications. Key features of Delphi:

  • Enables quick development cycles by providing RAD IDE with fast drag-and-drop design.
  • Enables development of rich user interfaces by providing more than 250 VCL controls.
  • Enables development of high quality kiosk user experience via built-in touch and gesturing support.
  • Enables connection to virtually any database solution.
  • Enables debugging support for multi-threaded applications.
  • Enables targeting of Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 from single source