2019 has come to a close, so it's time for your books to do the same!

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Released on April 9, 2019

We recommend updating to ACS, which offers the following enhancements.

Constant Contact

Authorize accounts

Due to security changes with Constant Contact, you must authorize your account before processing email statements, creating a contact list, or sending emails. If you have multiple Constant Contact accounts, you must authorize each one.

Authorizing your account includes entering your Constant Contact username and password, and you only need to do this once to give Constant Contact permission to access contact and email information from ACS.  

Email statements with any template

Now, you can select any template when emailing statements in Constant Contact. To save time, we suggest using a previous year's template. 

Insert statement links when emailing contributions statements

When sending statements, it's easier to insert links in Constant Contact. Instead of copying and pasting a URL with a custom field you chose when processing statements, you can select this field inside Constant Contact. 

CASS It and Max It

ACS contains the latest updates for 2019.

  • After processing a search and right-clicking to run a background check on the search results, "File not contain needed fields. Download template, fill and try again." displayed in Verified First.
  • When importing contributions from Abundant, memos did not display in the Comment field in ACS People Suite.