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The ACS Payroll module helps you easily manage your church, school, or organization's payroll procedures.

Here are a few of the Payroll module's many features:

The Direct Deposit feature. Using your bank's setup information and employees' checking account information, you can generate an ACH file that your bank can use to distribute payroll checks electronically.

You can run the Payroll program on a different posting period than the ACS General Ledger module.

You can track vacation and sick time. You can allow the time to accrue, or you can enter all of the hours at once. If you choose to use the accrual method, vacation and sick time accrues automatically when you process payroll.

You have flexibility in issuing payroll checks. You can process an entire payroll run or issue checks one at a time.

You can generate a Form 941 for the current quarter and past quarters, and you can generate employee W-2 forms at any time during the current year and for past years.

ACS Payroll includes a wide variety of reports to meet your needs, including the Customized Payroll Listing that offers extensive filtering, sorting, design, and field selection capability for the ultimate in custom report development.

You can easily load standard and custom time sheet information.

You can track Workers' Compensation benefits for each employee and pay employees from multiple cost centers.

Payroll supports IRS requirements, including printing Forms W-2 and the Form 941, which assists an employer in calculating taxes and tax liability.

ACS also offers annual updates to keep your payroll tax tables up-to-date with federal and state requirements.