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Here's an outline of daily, weekly, month-end, quarter-end, and year-end procedures for Payroll. To learn more about a process, we've linked each step to procedures related to that task.

Daily/Weekly procedures

  1. Gather Payroll information from Time Cards, the Employee Transmittal report or another method of record keeping.
  2. Enter Time Sheets.
  3. Print the Time Sheet Journal.
  4. Print the Payroll Journal.
  5. Print Payroll Checks.
  6. Print the Check Register.
  7. If necessary, Reprint Payroll checks.
  8. If necessary, Void Payroll checks.
  9. Post Payroll to General Ledger.

Month-end Procedures

  1. Finish all daily/weekly procedures.
  2. Print all desired reports.

Quarter-end Procedures

  1. Finish all daily/weekly and end of the month procedures.
  2. Print Form 941.

Year-end Procedures

  1. Finish all daily/weekly, end of the month, and end of the quarter procedures.
  2. Back up all financial data files.
  3. Print W-2 forms.
  4. Enter Vacation and Sick Time information for the new year.