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The Access ACS Plain Paper Statement Extract is used to upload your temporary contribution records to Access ACS. Once this extract has been uploaded and sent, you can print the Plain Paper Statement report in Access ACS.

The extract creates a detailed file of gifts for each contributor that is included when you upload to Access ACS. This statement file contains prepayments made in previous years and is always based on a calendar year. It features a return address field, and the option to upload pledge information and fund summary. An unlimited number of funds can be selected when uploading selected funds. A fund summary lists the Total Gifts, Total Pledge, Prepayments made in previous years, and the Pledge Balance by fund. It will not include funds with zero amounts.


The Access ACS Plain Paper Statement Extract meets the IRS requirements for reporting charitable gifts. It provides a detailed list of contributions, and acknowledges the IRS requirements for reporting non-cash gifts, items-of-value gifts, and contributions totaling $250.00 or more in one day.

 To create an Access ACS Plain Paper Statement Extract
  1. Under Searches and Reports, click the Reports tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Contributions Reports and click Go .
  3. Under Contributions, expand the Extracts report type.
  4. Select Access ACS Plain Paper Statement Extract and click Customize.
  5. Under Title, enter the title that you want to display on your statements, for example, Year-End Giving Statement.
  6. On the General tab, select the date range.
  7. On the Report Options tab, select the options you want to include.


    Selecting Ignore Send Statement Flag generates statements for contributors regardless of what their send statement by option is set to on their records.

  8. Click Extract.
  9. A message displays confirming the export is complete and asks if you want to print a report that lists records without e-mail addresses. Click Yes to print a list of invalid e-mail addresses or No to continue without printing.