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The ACS Accounts Payable module automates the accounts payable process for your organization. Accounts Payable fully integrates with ACS General Ledger, and you can use an accrual or cash system.

Here are a few of the many features in the Accounts Payable module:

 You can process regular, recurring or one-time invoices. You can set up the parameters (number of payments, etc.) and include one, some, or all recurring invoices when printing checks.

 You can print reports at any time, showing the status of payables and payable cash requirements.

 You can suspend or force the payment of an invoice, regardless of its due date.

 You can print checks at any time. Functions are included to handle the issuing or voiding of system-issued or manually-written checks.

 In addition to the automatic printing of checks by due date, ACS also provides a method for suspending or forcing the payment of any invoice, regardless of due date.

 The Accounts Payable module interfaces with the ACS General Ledger module so that entries are made automatically.

 Interchangeable checks are available from ACS.

 You can schedule memorized invoices to become due on specific dates.

 The Accounts Payable module interfaces with the Purchase Orders Module. You can create an Accounts Payable invoice from a purchase order.

 You can generate 1099 forms. If you begin using the Accounts Payable module after the beginning of the year, you can use the 1099 Adjustments utility to add accumulated totals for each 1099.