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The ACS Accounts Payable module has many reports that you can preview or print. These reports include lists (such as the Invoice Frequency List and the Vendor Master List) and journals (such as the A/P Cash Requirements Report and the Open A/P Report). You can also generate vendor labels and Rolodex Cards.

Features in ACS Accounts Payable Reports

Saving Reports

If you make changes to default report settings, you can save a report under a new name. When you close the Setup window, a Save Report dialog box displays. To save the report with the current settings, delete the default report title and enter a new title.

You can enter comments about the report and a report description. You can save multiple copies of a report per user, per data set without overwriting the original report. You can save the report as a private report or a public report.

All users can view and print public reports. Only the user who created private reports can view and print them.

Selecting a Module to Generate Reports from

On the selection bar of the Financial Reports window, you can select the module from which you want to generate reports. You can generate Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets, General Ledger, Payroll and Purchase Orders reports without leaving the current module.