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If you use a 3rd Party vendor, such as SMART Tuition Management or FACTS Tuition Management, to import customer payments, you must assign a 3rd party ID and a default fee to each parent record that you will import payments for.

If you are not tracking families, see Entering a Customer's Profile Information to learn about adding 3rd party information to a customer's record

 To add a family's third party information
  1. Under Manage Records, click the Records tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Add/Edit Customers, then click Go .
  3. On the Family tab, select the family's record and click Edit.
  4. On the 3rd Party tab, enter the parent's 3rd Party ID in the 3rd Party ID field.
  5. In the Default 3rd Party Fee drop-down list, select the family's default 3rd party fee.
  6. Click OK to return to the Add/Edit Customers window.
Additional Field Information

3rd Party ID
If you use a 3rd party vendor to collect and deposit payments, enter the customer's 3rd Party ID. Your third party vendor usually provides this ID, and this number must match the identification number in the import file exactly, or it will not import.

Default 3rd Party Fee
Select the customer's default third party revenue fee used for importing payments. If you do not select a Default 3rd Party Fee, ACS uses the payment revenue center selected in the Import Payments window to import payments.