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After you finish sorting your mailing, printing your postal reports, designing your address label or envelope layout, and printing your labels and layouts, prepare your mailing for the Post Office.

Here are some important steps to take to ensure that your bulk mailing is accepted by the Post Office and that you qualify for the highest discounts possible:

  • If you printed your addresses on labels, be sure to peel and place the labels on the mail pieces in the order they were printed on the sheet. By default, your labels will print in Z Order, so when you place the labels on your mailings, you will go across the sheet and then down the rows, like reading.
  • Bundle your mail pieces and place them in the appropriate sack or tray. It may help to print spacer labels so that you know when to begin placing mail pieces in a different bundle or container. For more information, see Displaying and Printing Spacer Labels.
  • Place your tray labels in the pockets on the front of the trays. Or, if you used sack labels, place the sack labels on the sacks.
    Save your Mail.dat files and submit them through PostalOne!. Take your Job ID from postal one to the Post Office along with your mailing.
  • When you go to the Post Office, take a check or cash to cover any additional postage due if you placed precanceled stamps or meter postage on your mail. Or, you can affix a meter strip to your postage statement to pay for any additional postage.