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You can use the Mass Assign Assistant in Define Lists to

This time-saving feature prevents you from entering information into multiple records. It can also keep your database clean and up-to-date. You can also print a mass assignment report that lists your entries, use the list to verify changes, and file the report as a record of your entries.

Before adding, changing, or removing grades with the Mass Assign Assistant, you must set grade levels up in Define Lists. To learn more about setting up grade levels, see Defining Grade Levels in Accounts Receivable.

In addition, customers must have a record in the database prior to assigning a grade. To learn about adding customers and families to the database, see Adding Family Records in Accounts Receivable, Adding and Editing Customer Records in Accounts Receivable, or Importing Customers.


As a precautionary measure, ACS Technologies recommends that you make a backup of your financial records before using the Mass Assign Assistant.