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The Quick Entry feature is available from the Groups tab for an individual record. With Quick Entry, you can:

  • Enroll someone quickly in multiple classes
  • Mark their status for a class
  • See all the elements for a class at one time

You can add new element list items and new positions by clicking in the list box and then holding CTRL and pressing Insert on your keyboard. You cannot add new categories or elements from Quick Entry, so create the options in Setup first.

 To access Quick Entry
  1. Under Manage Records, click the Groups tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Add Individual to a Group and click Go .
  3. Select the individual you want to mark attendance for, and then click View/Edit.
  4. On the Groups tab, click Quick Entry.
Additional Field Descriptions


  • Master Group — From the drop-down list, select the Class that the individual is participating in.
  • Locate — Enter the name of the class, or Quick-Code if you have entered one, to quickly select the class from the data-tree.
  • Show Deactivated — Select to show deactivated groups.
  • Position — Select the position you want to add the member as.


  • Status Description 1 or 2 — Select if you want to enter the individual as Status Description 1 or 2. You can edit the status description on the Master Group - Master tab in Setup.
  • Primary — Select if you are entering the class as the individual's primary class.
  • Date Added — This field displays the date that an individual was added to a class.
  • Date Last Changed — This field displays the date that an activity entry was modified.
  • Effective Date — This field displays the date that any edits become effective. This date can be modified on the Groups tab for the individual.
  • Overall Date Last Attended — This displays the date of when the individual last attended the activity or class.