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Effective January 26th, 2014, Full-Service Intelligent Mail will be required for automation discounts. All clients who want to use Full-Service Intelligent Mail and receive the automation prices must purchase the Max It! module and take a few additional steps. View the Using Full-Service Intelligent Mail help topic for this information, and view more information on the postal requirements from the USPS.

Before using Max It to sort your mail for bulk mailing discounts, you need to take several important steps.

If this is your organization’s first bulk mailing, ACS Technologies recommends that you hold an internal meeting within your organization to make decisions about your bulk mailing. Some items you may want to discuss include:

  • Your mailing’s sort class (First-Class Mail, Periodical, Standard Mail, or Package Services.)
  • Your mailing’s piece type (Machinable letters, flats, or postcards; or nonmachinable letters or flats). Each piece type has specific dimensions, so if you have any questions regarding piece type, contact your Post Office™.
  • Your mailing’s sort level (Carrier Route, Automation, Nonautomation, Single Piece).
  • Formatting your address labels. Max It allows you to print your addresses on labels or directly on envelopes. For more information about printing address labels, see Printing Address Labels. For more information about printing addresses on envelopes or directly on your mail piece, see Printing Addresses Directly on Envelopes or Mail Pieces.
  • Applying for a USPS Bulk Mailing Permit, if you do not already have one. This permit is required to send bulk mailings, and you will need to enter information from the permit when using Max It.


If you have any questions regarding your mail piece’s layout, address placement, piece type, or sort class, contact your local Post Office or a Mail Piece Design Analyst. To learn more about these resources, see Additional Resources.

To Do List

  • Once your organization has determined its bulk mailing procedures:
  • Obtain mailing trays, sacks, or containers. These containers are available free of charge from the Post Office.
  • Install the latest Mail Modules update.
  • CASS certify your addresses with ACS CASS It.
  • If you completed Max It bulk mailings with a previous version of ACS, print a report of your prior Max It settings. For more information, see Printing Your Prior Max It! Settings.
  • Print a copy of this guide to take notes in as you create your bulk mailing with Max It.