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Use the General Ledger Setup tab to add or edit fund accounts.

Each fund is a complete set of financial books that contains income and expense accounts that close each year into a Fund Principal (or closing) account. The Fund Principal account is similar to an owner's equity account, and the revenue and expense accounts end the year with a zero balance after year-end closing.

After entering your Chart of Accounts, you can set up the Fund Principal account. If you only have one fund, this is the closing account for that fund.

You can also select the financial year and design the check layout on this tab.

New to General Ledger?

The Current Month/Year is the accounting month and year when you begin using General Ledger. If you're setting up the program for the first time, enter beginning balances (ending balances from your former account system) in this month. For accurate reporting, you can set your current month to the previous month, enter beginning balances, then close the month or year.

The Starting Month is the first month of your accounting year. If operating on a calendar year, this is January.

 To configure the General Ledger Setup tab
  1. Under Advanced Tools, select the Settings tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select General Ledger and click Go .
  3. Enter the default Fund Principal account, or click Lookup to select it. The Account Name displays.
  4. Enter the System Due To/From Account for fund balancing.
  5. To save your changes, click Close.