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Setting up the ACS Contributions module may seem overwhelming. Before setting up the Contributions module, read the Contributions Startup Outline and meet with or talk to others in your organization to understand how you want ACS Contributions to work for you.

Contributions Setup has four areas:

  • Configuration — On the Configuration tab, you can set up your posting period, such as your starting month if you use a fiscal year. You can also set envelope numbers, entry and posting options, and pledge options. Configuration is also where you set up the GL Interface, if you want to interface with ACS' General Ledger software.
  • Checking Account Maintenance — In Checking Account Maintenance, you can set up and maintain checking account information, including bill pay accounts. You can also configure the check reader in this area.
  • Automatic Withdrawal — If you want to enable automatic withdrawal, you must select the option on this tab before entering and posting contributions. You can also enter bank routing numbers, account numbers, and names on this tab, as well as select when to send balanced files to the bank.
  • Envelope Number Maintenance — In Envelope Number maintenance, you can reassign envelope numbers, print envelope number reports, and set up ranges of envelope numbers. This is especially helpful at year-end.


Since Contributions Setup is such an important task, you must have adequate rights to it in Add/Edit Users - Contributions Security.