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Many organizations find that a check scanner is the easiest way to enter contributions.

When you scan a check, the scanner reads the checking account information. If this information is not assigned to a contributor's record, you are prompted to do so. You can also add a new record if this person is not already in ACS People. If the checking account information is assigned to a contributor, it displays that person's record. You can then enter the remaining fields, such as the amount of the gift and its fund distribution.

You can also use the Quick Entry method of entering contributions. Set the default entry method to Check, and then stack all of your checks by amount and fund. This is the quickest and easiest way to enter a stack of checks.

There are two ways to associate checking account information to a contributor's record:

  • You can enter this information while entering transactions with the check scanner. If the check scanner does not recognize a check, ACS will prompt you to associate a contributor with that check. You can also add a new record in ACS at this time.