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Your workers' compensation policy is based on an employee's job type and risk of injury. Each state publishes a list of codes that defines an employee's job type. 

The table below shows examples of possible workers' compensation codes and descriptions. The list is for instructional purposes only- contact your insurance provider for an up-to-date list of Workers' Compensation codes for your state. If your insurance agency cannot provide you with a list of codes, you can create a list of codes using a unique code for each category. Your policy lists the insurance premiums for each job type.

Worker's Comp. Code


Applies To ...



Office Personnel in a low-risk environment.



Maintenance personnel involved in the upkeep and cleaning of buildings and/or grounds.


Light Construction

Maintenance personnel who perform any type of carpentry, or operate over 10 feet above ground.

Using workers' compensation codes is optional, and when you apply the codes to employee records, the Payroll module tracks the estimated cost of premiums for each workers' compensation group. You don't need to create a liability account for workers compensation, as it does not affect the General Ledger. 

In Define Lists, you can