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For SpeedCheck Clients

To use the remote deposit feature, you must purchase the option for SpeedCheck. To learn about pricing or to purchase this option, contact your sales representative or call 1.800.736.7425.

If you use the Remote Deposit feature, you can electronically deposit your batches of checks after reviewing and approving them. 

If you're not using the Remote Deposit feature, you still must select Deposit so that the correct files are created to import the checks into ACS Contributions. 

Your bank account information is on file, so you won't need to enter it each time you deposit. After depositing checks, 100% of your funds will be available in two business days.

To Deposit Checks

  1. Click on the Deposit tab.
  2. Compare the information in the grid to the expected total. You can also click Printer Friendly Version to display and print the grid for your records.
  3. Click the Deposit button. When you click Deposit, the batch is submitted for deposit at the end of the day.

After you deposit the checks, you're ready to match the checks to transaction records in ACS.