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Adjustments and journal entries are both are used to transfer funds between accounts if the accounts are not checking accounts. 

 To enter an adjusting transaction
  1. Under Manage Records, select the Transactions tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select General Ledger Transactions and click Go .
  3. Click Add/Edit Transactions, then Add.
  4. Select Adjustments as the Transaction Source.
  5. Verify the post month and year are correct. Click the up and down arrows to change the posting period.
  6. Optional: Select Autofill Text? to display text from previous transactions in the Explanation and Comment fields. When adding additional transactions and entering text in those fields, entries from the previous transactions in the session display in a drop-down list.
  7. If you want to include the transaction in Bank Reconciliation, select Include in Bank Reconciliation.
  8. If the transaction is a reconciled transaction, select Reconciled.
  9. Enter a reference number, or click Next to assign the next available reference number. When you transfer money to a restricted account, always enter a reference number.
  10. Enter the date of the transaction or select a date in the calendar.
  11. If necessary, enter an Explanation.
  12. Enter a general ledger account number, or click Lookup to select an account.
  13. Enter the debit or credit amount that you want to charge to the account.
  14. Repeat these steps until all accounts are entered, and the transaction is in balance.
  15. When finished, click OK.