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Promotion Strategies

Here are some useful strategies for Attendance promotion:

  • Backups — You must create a backup before you create or promote next years' classes. With a recent backup, you can restore your data if you encounter issues during the promotion process.
  • Plan — Before you start, think about what changes to make in the class structure if any. You may want to sketch this information out and review it with your team.
  • Print Reports — Print any appropriate reports to cross check class promotions.
  • Checkpoint Users — After promotion is complete, check Add/Edit Sessions in Checkpoint to make sure the correct master group is selected. You must do this if you promoted to a new master group in Attendance because Examples and Strategies For Attendance Promotion has the previous master group selected.

Promotion Examples

Here are some useful examples of how attendance promotion works.

Moving all individuals in a class to a different class.

With Promotion, you can move all of the individuals in the class to a different class.

For example, your Children's Sunday School classes are set up by grade level. At the end of the year, you want to promote the children in the Kindergarten Sunday School class to the First Grade Sunday School class, the children in the First Grade Sunday School class to the Second Grade Sunday School class, etc.

Promoting one individual at a time.

You can promote one individual at a time.

For example, you have an Adult Singles Sunday School class and an Adult Married Sunday School class. Julie Smith is in the Adult Singles Sunday School class, but she got married last weekend, so you want to promote her to the Adult Married Sunday School class.

Promoting several individuals at one time.

Promotion lets you select several individuals within a class to move to a new class.

For example, you have a Sunday School class that combines both first and second grade. At the end of the attendance year, only the second graders move to another class.