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Fund accounting properties

If you have different funds set up in General Ledger, you enable fund accounting on the G/L Interface tab in Accounts Payable Setup.

When you enable fund accounting:

  • Default checking accounts that display are based upon each fund's checking account. You can set up default checking accounts in the General Ledger module in Define Lists > Add/Edit Funds.
  • ACS places account distributions for invoices in the appropriate Accrual account that is defined for each fund, if operating on accrual basis. You can define accrual accounts for each fund in the General Ledger module in Define Lists> Add/Edit Funds.
  • If you select Track Discounts Taken, ACS places discounts for account distributions in the fund's appropriate Discount account.


If you do not have funds set up in General Ledger, we recommend that you do not select the Enable Fund Accounting option. Instead, define the default Accounts Payable Checking Account, Accrual Account, and Discounts Taken Account on the G/L Interface tab in General Ledger Setup.

Fund accounting invoice distribution

When distributing an invoice to different funds, ACS displays the checking account for each expense account (as defined by which fund the account is assigned to). You can distribute to different funds, as long as the checking accounts are assigned to the same bank account.