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Before you begin, collect and organize the information you want to track:

ItemDescriptionWhere to Set Up
Outward Contact Types Outward Contact Types are the actions your church or organization takes when making contact with members and visitors. Examples are: Phone Call, Send Welcome Letter, and Hospital Visit.Define Lists
Inward Contact TypesInward Contact Types are the actions individuals take when contacting your church or organization. Examples are: Prayer Request and Visitor Card.Define Lists
ResponsesThese are the possible results when making a contact, both inward and outward. You can assign these responses to any of your Contact Types. For example, if you have an Outward Contact Type of Visitor Phone Call (the church contacting the visitor), your Responses could be: Interested in Membership, Undecided, Not Interested in Membership. You can also keep track of items such as a letter being returned as undeliverable. This is important to note so that you can contact a person through another method.Define Lists
Contact Templates

When recording an Outward Contact, you can use a template. Templates list several Outward Contact items that need to be done within a certain amount of days for a specific situation. For example, you could have a Newcomer Template that contains these items:

  • Welcome Letter: Send a welcome letter one day after the newcomer visited the church.
  • Cookie Delivery: Send a batch of cookies to the newcomer's home after three days.
  • Phone Call: In a week, call the newcomer to follow-up and welcome them to the church.
Define Lists
Contact TeamsIf you have groups of people assigned to make connections, you can create Contact Teams. For example, you can create a group called Prayer Team, and add the individuals who respond to prayer requests to this group.Define Lists
Prospect SourcesThese are the sources that brought people into your church or organization. Some examples could be: Friend Referral, Family Member Referral, Church Blog, TV Commercial, and Podcast. This information is important to keep track of, especially in situations where you are paying for some type of advertisement.Define Lists
Connections CardsYou can create custom cards depending on the needs of your church or organization. For example, you can create a Visitor Response Card for your callers to use when contacting prospects. You could include the caller's name, the contact's personal information, and their response.Card Designer