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Before you start, follow the basic startup procedures found below:

  1. Print the Chart of Accounts Worksheets. You can use these to draft your chart of accounts and account headings.
  2. Configure the General Ledger defaults.
  3. Set up your Bank Accounts. You must set up at least one Bank Account before posting transactions.
  4. Set up your Funds.
  5. Set up your Departments, Committees, Areas, and Projects as necessary.
  6. Set up your Transaction Sources.
  7. If you do not have Accounts Payable or Payroll, add any Payees.
  8. Enter your Chart of Accounts.
  9. Enter your Budget.
  10. Enter Beginning Balances.
  11. If necessary, edit the Check Layout Design.


We recommend that you make a backup of your ACS financial data before entering transactions for the first time.