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In General Ledger Transactions, you can enter, post, and work with transactions. You can add a variety of transactions, including split transactions, and you can also import transactions, enter beginning balances, enter zero checks, and enter bank transfers.

Memorized transactions can also save you time in the entry process. A memorized transaction is like a template, and when you add one, you can create the transaction each month, updating only the fields that changed.

After you enter transactions, you can print the proof list, review it, and post the transactions. You can also print the posting journal and close your transaction batches.

The Bank Reconciliation feature lets you compare your bank statement to your General Ledger accounts to ensure the accounts are in balance. If you need to, you can also enter transactions when reconciling accounts.

You can also recalculate your bank account balances at any time to view the current bank account balances after recent transactions.

At the end of the month, after entering and posting all transactions, printing reports and statements, and backing up your financial data, you can close the month in General Ledger.