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With Connections, you will set up the items you want to track in Define Lists. Some of these items are:

  • Contact Types - The types of interactions between individuals and your church or organization. For example, sending welcome letters, visiting members in the hospital, people filling out visitor cards, and members requesting prayer.
  • Prospect Sources - The possible ways people heard about your church or organization. For example, the church blog, friend and family member referrals, and advertisements.
  • Contact Teams - These are groups of people responsible for handling certain types of contacts. For example, the Prayer Team and the Hospital Visitation Team.

Once you have this information set up, you can begin adding contacts to individual records.

Contacts Overview

In Connections, you will add a Contact for each interaction the church has with an individual, whether it was initiated by the church or by the person. You will select the classifications, date, type, and other additional options.

Adding a Contact

Useful Information

All individuals tracked in Connections must have a record in the People module.

Contact Classifications

In Connections, contacts are classified as Inward or Outward:

  • Inward Contacts — Contacts initiated by an individual. Some examples are: visitors filling out an information card, members requesting prayer, and individuals attending a special service at your church.
  • Outward Contacts — Contacts initiated by someone from your church or organization. Some examples are: sending welcome letters, visiting members who are in the hospital, and calling the new members in your church to invite them to a small group.


When recording an Outward Contact, you can use a template. Templates list several Outward Contact items that need to be done within a certain amount of days for a specific situation. For example, you could have a Newcomer Template that contains these items:

  • Welcome Letter: Send a welcome letter one day after the newcomer visited the church.
  • Cookie Delivery: Send a batch of cookies to the newcomer's home after three days.
  • Phone Call: In a week, call the newcomer to follow-up and welcome them to the church.


You can assign one or more callers to a contact. A caller is the person responsible for the action items on a contact. For example, if a welcome letter needs to be sent, the caller would be responsible for sending that letter. You can also set up Contact Teams in Define Lists to specify which individuals are responsible for certain items. For example, you can create a Contact Team called Hospital Visits for those who are responsible for visiting members who are in the hospital.

Connections Tab Overview

Outside of adding a contact, you also can add and review other information on the Connections tab on an individual's record.

You can add a Prospect Source to find out how an individual or family heard about your church or organization. You can also add a staff person who is responsible for overseeing the connections for this individual or family. You can also view items such as the last time an individual or family was contacted.