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Do not connect the SpeedCheck scanner to your computer until you install SpeedCheck.

Before you install SpeedCheck:

Install SpeedCheck on each computer that you're connecting to a SpeedCheck scanner.

To install SpeedCheck

  1. Before installing SpeedCheck, exit your program.
  2. Download the SpeedCheck Epson Install or the SpeedCheck SmartSource Install depending on which brand of scanner you purchased.


    Windows 10 Users:

    • Before downloading the Speedcheck Epson Install, you must have full rights to the CPI folder.
    • Before downloading the Speedcheck SmartSource Install, you need full security rights to the CPI folder and the Silver Bullet Technology folder.
  3. Click Save File.
  4. Go to where you saved the file, and right-click it. Run it as an administrator.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions, and plug in the scanner when prompted.
  6. Make sure your PC recognizes the scanner. You should see one of the following messages: "Driver successfully installed" or "Hardware successfully installed". If your PC doesn't recognize the scanner, please contact us.

The SpeedCheck install adds an icon to your desktop.


(warning) If you need help uninstalling SpeedCheck, please contact Support at 1-800-669-2509.