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You can install Checkpoint in one of two ways: as a Kiosk using the disconnected mode or as part of a full installation. The Kiosk version, includes only the Express Check In/Out component of Checkpoint and no other ACS modules.  Generally, the Kiosk version is used at self check-in stations, and the full version is used at assisted check-in stations. There are advantages to both ways, and you choose how you want to install Checkpoint on each individual workstation. 

OnDemand Clients

When using ACS OnDemand, the only installation option is the full version of ACS. You can still setup some stations for self check-in and others for assisted check-in. You can also create a Check In/Out password as a Global Setting in Checkpoint Setup that is required in order to close out of the check-in window. This prevents users from accessing any other part of the ACS database.

Kiosk or Disconnected Installation

If you choose to install Checkpoint using the kiosk or disconnected version, users only have access to Express Check In/Out. No other ACS functionality is installed. This provides tighter security and is easier for members to use. Since the kiosk is user-friendly, it's usually set up as a self check-in station. You could also set up several kiosks / self check-in stations, with one volunteer overseeing all of them. Kiosks can be turned into information centers after activities are over. 

If you're installing Checkpoint as a disconnected / kiosk mode, the installation instructions are nearly the same - just select Checkpoint KIOSK in the installation window. 

Full Installation

A full installation of Checkpoint provides access to all ACS data, and allows you to use either Assisted Check-in or Self Check-in. However, the information available is determined by the user security rights for each user name. Stations with full installations are best used as manned check-in stations and for administrative uses of Checkpoint. Check-in stations for visitors should be set up as full installations; this allows administrators to add visitor information directly into ACS.

The instructions for installing the full version of Checkpoint are the same as for ACS.