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Linking records lets you establish a link from the employee record to another record in People, Organizations, or HeadMaster. When you refresh records, ACS Payroll obtains any record changes from the other record.

 To link employee records
  1. Under Manage Records, click on the Records tab.
  2. In the drop down list, select Add/Edit Employees and click Go .
  3. Select the employee record you want to link and click Edit.
  4. Under Name information, click Link Record.
  5. When the confirmation message displays, click Yes to save any changes to the record.
  6. In the Create Individual Link window, select to link to an individual in People, Organizations, or HeadMaster.
  7. If you have multiple datasets, select the appropriate one in the Dataset drop down list.
  8. Click Ok.
  9. When the window displays, select the record you want to link, then click Ok.