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Effective January 26th, 2014, Full-Service Intelligent Mail will be required for automation discounts. All clients who want to use Full-Service Intelligent Mail and receive the automation prices must purchase the Max It! module and take a few additional steps. View the Using Full-Service Intelligent Mail help topic for this information, and view more information on the postal requirements from the USPS.

ACS Max It!® is a bulk mailing tool that works in conjunction with the ACS Cass It!™ and ACS People and Organizations modules. After you CASS™ (Coding Accuracy Support System) certify your mailing with ACS CASS It, Max It presorts your mailing addresses to meet United States Postal Service® (USPS) requirements for bulk mail discounts and sorts your mailing so that you receive the highest discount possible.

With Max It, you can design and print address labels for your mailing, or you can print addresses directly on your mail piece or its envelope. In addition, Max It calculates, completes, and prints all required postal documentation, so that you can spend your valuable time working toward your organization’s goals rather than filling out complicated forms.

Max It includes additional features to serve your bulk mailing needs, including:

  • Printing addresses directly on your mail piece or envelope. If you want to print your addresses directly on the envelopes, periodical, or package you’re mailing, you can easily do this in Max It.
  • Excluding remaining records from any mailing sort. If you only want to send mailings to addresses that are eligible for Automation discounts, the records that meet those requirements will be sorted, and any remaining records can be sorted as Nonqualified or excluded.
  • Previewing your tray or sack labels with your bulk mail reports.
  • Forcing ZIP® Codes as in-county for periodical mailings. If your address list has a ZIP Code that crosses county lines, and you want those pieces to receive an in-county discount, simply enter these ZIP Codes when selecting mail sort discounts, and they will get the benefit of the in-county rate.
  • Printing Intelligent Mail barcodes on your address labels.
  • Saving your mailing reports as PDF (Portable Document Format) files. This allows you to e-mail your files or save them in a special folder on your computer or network.