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With ACS Report Designer, you can

  • Save the Reports You Design — Reports you create are associated with specific modules in Report Designer. Once you save a report, you can retrieve it, edit it, and save it with a new title.
  • Use ACS Advanced Exports to Specify the Data Source — The Data Source options lets you create a new export to use with the report you are designing. Or, you can use an existing ACS Advanced Export as the data source. When you work with the report, you can edit the export and refresh the export's data.
  • Sort Data — You can sort the data returned in the report based on the fields you select in Report Options.
  • Import and Export — Report Designer includes import and export functionality so that you can share reports between organizations and send and receive reports from ACS Support.
  • Use the Query Wizard and Quick Design Tools — Report Designer has a Query Wizard and Report Wizard to help you with data retrieval and report design. The Query Wizard walks you through selecting tables, fields, calculations, groupings, rows, and sort order. The query selections determine what data displays in your report.
  • Complete Learning Tutorials to Learn Report Designer — Before you begin creating reports, set aside a day to complete the tutorial guide provided with the software. Completing the guide familiarizes you with many of the tools and concepts found in the Report Designer and is an excellent reference when building your own reports.