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Paying invoices is the first step of a check run. When paying invoices, you can select which invoices to pay and the check date, pay through date, bank, and a check memo. Be careful when selecting these options, as you cannot edit them after clicking Process Checks. The check date is the date ACS uses to verify you are making the payment in time to honor a vendor discount (if applicable). If the check date is on or before the discount date, the discount is taken.

You may also want to print the Cash Requirements report as a part of your check run. This report can help you determine if there is currently enough money in your accounts to pay all invoices that are due.

After paying invoices, it's time to print and review the Check Proof List.

 To pay invoices
  1. Under Manage Records, click the Transactions tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Accounts Payable Checks and click Go .
  3. In the Print/Post Checks menu, click Pay Invoices.
  4. Enter a Pay Through Date, or select Show All Invoices to display all unpaid invoices. 
  5. Select or enter a Check Date
  6. In the drop-down list, select the bank account you want to pay invoices from.
  7. The First Check Number and First ACH/Online Ref# to use when printing checks and processing payments displays. If necessary, enter a different number in these fields.
  8. Optional: To print a separate check for each invoice, select Pay All Invoices Separately. If you do not select this option and a vendor has multiple invoices in the check run, ACS combines the amounts of all the invoices and generates a single check for the sum of the invoices.
  9. In the Check Memo Option field, select a memo option. This field is unavailable if you selected Pay All Invoices Separately.
  10. Optional: Right-click in the Invoices Grid to suspend or reinstate an invoice or to pay a partial amount of an invoice.
  11. Select the Pay? checkbox for each invoice to pay in this check run. 
    • To select all invoices, select Pay All Invoices, or right-click inside the grid and choose Select All.
    • To delete a check from the current check run (if the invoice has not been printed and posted), clear the Pay flag to suspend the payment for the check run.
  12. Click Process Checks to continue printing and posting checks.


If the message "The following invoices will be disregarded" displays while you're processing checks, see this troubleshooting article  for the solution.