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Using Payroll Inquiry, you can view an employee's check information for year-to-date, lifetime-to-date, or specific date ranges. You can also verify that checks have been posted for an employee. Information displays in the Inquiry window after payroll is posted, but you cannot edit this information in the Inquiry window.

You can also print the Payroll Inquiry Report, which displays a specified employee's payroll information. On this report, you can display year-to-date (YTD) or lifetime-to-date (LTD) earnings, or you can indicate a range of dates.

 To view and print employee payroll information
  1. Under Inquiry Type, select Employee Inquiry in the drop-down list, then click Go .
  2. Select the employee whose information you want to view. To do this, enter the name of the employee and press Enter, right-click to select Lookup by Code and enter an employee code, or click Lookup to select an employee in the Employee Lookup window.
  3. Select one of the following options:
    • Select YTD to view year-to-date checks issued to the selected employee.
    • Select LTD to view lifetime-to-date checks issued to the selected employee. This displays employee information since the employee was entered into the ACS Payroll module.
    • Select Date Range to view checks issued to the selected employee during a specified date range. Enter the correct date range. Click the down arrow to select a date in the calendar.
  4. Optional: Select Show Voided Checks to display voided checks for the specified period.
  5. Select a check to view general Check Totals.
  6. For detailed information on the selected check, click the following tabs:
    • Pay Type — Displays hours for each pay type and the amount distributed for each pay type.
    • Withholdings — Displays all taxes withheld from the selected check and year-to-date amounts withheld for the selected employee.
    • Adjustments — Displays all adjustments (including employer contributions) for the selected check and year-to-date amounts recorded for the selected employee.
  7. Optional: Click Print to print a Payroll Inquiry report on the selected employee based on the current inquiry settings.


In Payroll Inquiry, when ADJUST is listed as the check number, it means that someone made a W-2 adjustment for the selected employee. To view the details of this adjustment, print the W-2 Adjustments Report for the employee.