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With the Reports option, you can print reports that detail various aspects of the Payroll module.

Payroll contains the following reports:



Time Clock Export

Creates an extract of three tables containing cost center, employee contact, and pay rate information to import into your third-party time tracking software for quick setup and keeping data in sync.

Affordable Care Act Proof ListLists selected employees and the terms of their health care coverage. By default, it prints only next year's health care information, but you have the option to print all years or a range of years. There is also an option to page break after each employee, so you can print the information and give each employee their own copy.

Customized Payroll List Report

You can customize this report to meet your organization's needs. Select the columns that you want to print on the report and save the report with the name you want to call it. You can customize and save as many Payroll reports as you want.

Employee Contact Master List

Lists all employees with contact information on record and the primary contact information.

Employee Events List

Lists employees events from the Events tab in Add/Edit Employees. The report displays the employee's name and employee number, along with each event's date, event type, and description.

Employee List

Lists all employees, including the employee number, name, address, federal and state tax information, personal data, and any comments on record for the employee.

Employee Master List

Lists all employee information.

Employee Phone List

Lists all employees with the employee phone number and e-mail address information on record. If the information is not on record, employee name still prints on the report.

Employee Transmittal Report

Lists all employees and their assigned cost centers. Use this report to manually record hours for each employee for the pay period and enter Time Sheets.

Employee Labels

Lists all employees in label format for printing or exporting. Three columns of labels print per page, or you can define other label formats if exporting.

Accumulation Report

Lists all wage information for each employee in the selected period including regular and overtime hours and pay, tax withholdings, adjustments, net pay, and vacation and sick time taken with the remaining balances.

To include all employees with accumulation during the past year, select Include Inactive Employees when customizing the report, just in case some of the past year's employees are now inactive. You can also print the report with the employee numbers in numeric order using the Sort by option.

You have the option to include time-off totals for your staff members.

Check Register Report

Lists paychecks issued through ACS to each employee in the selected period. This report includes the employee name and number, check number, check date, amount of payroll hours, employee's gross pay, total additions to employee's pay, total deductions from employee's pay, total contributions to employee's pay, total taxes deducted from employee's pay, employee's net pay, and total dollar amount for each pay column in the report.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act Report

This report lists employees receiving Sick Leave and Expanded Family Leave related to the FFCRA.

It displays each employee’s gross pay, additions, contributions, employer medicare taxes paid, employer social security tax basis, employer social security taxes not paid, and totals for each.

Liability Report

Lists tax withholdings, deductions, and contributions for each employee in the selected period. The employer's contribution amounts for social security and Medicare are included in the report also.

You can select a report type of All, Taxes, or Other Adjustments and a report style of Detail, Summary, or Totals.

PR Hourly ReportCreates a report of hours worked in detail or summary format for the date range selected.

PR Transaction Changes Log

Creates a detailed log of changes made to posted checks for the selected date range. The report displays the date changed, employee, check date, check number, and the field that changed, along with the old and new values as well as the user who made the change.

Pay Type TotalsLists employee name, pay type, cost center, hours, amount paid, overtime hours, and overtime pay amount.

Time Off Report- Detail

Lists detailed time off information, including the date, rate, and hours taken, for the selected date range.

Time Off Report- Summary

Lists current time off totals, including Carry Over, Accrued, Taken, and Remaining time off.

Void Check Report

Lists payroll checks voided in the ACS Payroll module for each employee in the selected period. The report includes the employee name and number, check number, bank account name and code, check date, void date, check amount, and total of voided checks listed in the report.

W-2 Adjustments Report

Lists adjustments made to the Form W-2 for each employee in the selected period. The report includes the employee name and number, transaction reference number, name of field changed, basis amount of the field, amount entered, effective date of the change, user who entered the change, and date of the change.

Wage Records Report

Lists wage information for each employee in the selected period, grouped by cost center. For example, you can use this report to see the amount of money paid from one cost center to an employee who is paid from two cost centers.

This report includes totals by cost center, as well as the employee name and number, social security number (if user has rights to view SSN), department, regular hours and pay, overtime hours and pay, vacation pay, sick pay, vacation hours taken and remaining, sick hours taken and remaining, federal, FICA, Medicare, state, local, and EIC (Earned Income Credit) tax amounts, total additions amount, total deductions amount, total contributions amount, and net pay.

If you do not see all transactions, such as voided checks, you may need to change the report's date range.

You have the option to include time-off totals for your staff members.

Workers' Compensation Report

Lists each workers' compensation code and the employees who are assigned to each code. For the selected period, the report lists for each employee the gross pay, overtime pay, and total workers' compensation tax for the month-to-date, quarter-to-date, and year-to-date time periods. You can also select the workers' compensation state for the report.