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After entering your transactions, you can print and review the proof list, then post the transactions.

Printing the proof list is an important step in the posting process because it lets you make sure your entries are correct. The Account Hash Total represents the sum of all the account codes. This enables you to audit the batch processing by comparing the total on the report to the account numbers you summed separately. This lets you know that you used the correct account numbers and entered all transactions.

When you enter transactions in other modules, they automatically post to the General Ledger. To post to previous periods, you must select Allow posting to prior periods on the Transaction Setup tab in General Ledger Setup.

Posting transactions to inactive accounts activates those accounts.

 To post transactions
  1. Under Manage Records, select the Transactions tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select General Ledger Transactions and click Go .
  3. Click Post Transactions.
  4. Verify the Post Month/Year. To change the posting period, click the up and down arrows in the Post Month or Year date box. If you don't see your transaction, select All Users and/or All Periods.
  5. If you do not want to create balancing transactions, clear Generate Auto Fund Balancing Transactions.
  6. All transactions will post by default. If you don't want to post all transactions, select the transaction you want to post. To select multiple transactions for posting, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on the transactions you want to post.
  7. To preview the proof list, click Preview. To print the proof list, click Print.
  8. Review the proof list to ensure accuracy and correct transactions, if necessary. If you make corrections, you should print another proof list and review it prior to posting.
  9. After reviewing the proof list, click Post Transactions.
  10. Verify the transactions you have selected, then click Yes.
  11. Click OK.

Posting Transactions for Network Users

The network version of ACS Financial suite includes a feature that affects the way ACS handles the posting process. If multiple users attempt to post transactions at the same time, ACS posts each batch separately, for one user at a time. Once the transactions for the first user post, the transactions for the second user post (and so on, for all users who are trying to post).

The posting feature is in every ACS Financial module and affects the timing of posting transactions from each module. It does not matter whether you are posting adjustments in General Ledger, invoices in Accounts Payable, Payroll checks, or any other transaction.

When multiple users try to post at the same time, ACS determines who began first and starts posting that user's entries. The second user sees a progress meter with "Initializing posting..." displayed.

After 10 seconds, if the first user's transactions are still posting, the second user receives a prompt asking if they would like to retry posting. The second user can click Yes and continue to wait, or click No and try again later.

Once the first user's transactions are posted, ACS checks to see if the second user is still waiting (if they clicked Yes). If so, the second user's transactions automatically begin posting.