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Report options affect the appearance and content in a report. Previewing a report can help you make sure you have included all needed information and that the report format is appropriate for your situation.

The following are some helpful hints and suggestions you should review before previewing/printing a report:

  • Make sure you select the correct report. You can always preview a report before printing.
  • Make sure you select the correct report options. Report options greatly affect the appearance of each report. Depending on which options are selected, your report may look much different from another similar report.

You can preview a report by selecting the report from the expanded list and clicking Preview; however, you can also customize and preview a report as well. In addition, you can preview multiple reports, and each report you preview opens in a new tab in the Preview pane of the ACS Reports window.

 To Preview a Report
  1. Under Searches and Reports, click the Reports tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Contributions Reports and click Go .
  3. In the upper sidebar, expand the report type that includes the report you want to preview.
  4. Select the report you want to preview and click Preview. The report displays in the Preview pane of the ACS Reports window.
  5. OPTIONAL: To preview another report, select that report and click Preview. The second report will open in another tab inside the Reports window.

When you preview a report in ACS People Suite, you'll notice that a toolbar displays just above your report. The icons on the toolbar let you print, e-mail, save, or change the font of the report. You can also click Customize on the toolbar to choose various formatting options.

Here's a description of each button on the Reports Toolbar:

Toolbar Button

Button Name


Print Report

Click to print the report. When the printer dialog displays, you can select the printer, the number of copies to print, a page range, and alternate file formats. To learn more, see Printing a Report.

E-mail Report

Click to select a format for e-mailing the report. With some formats, an Export Setup window displays, and you can select a page range, make formatting choices, and choose an e-mail client. The report is automatically attached to your e-mail. To learn more, see E-mailing a Report.

Copy Page to Clipboard

Click to copy an image of your report to the clipboard. You can later paste this image into other programs such as Microsoft® Word. To learn more, see Copying a Report to the Clipboard.

View Report Data

Click to display the names and profile information of the individuals whose data is analyzed in the report. You can also export this data into a file format such as Microsoft Access, Word, or Excel.

Refresh Report

Click to refresh the report. If you minimize the reports window and work in other areas of ACS to make changes such as posting contributions, editing an individual's profile, or posting attendance, you can refresh the report to display the information that you entered or changed. To learn more, see Refreshing a Report.

Search for Text

Click to search the report for a specific word, number, or phrase. A search field displays underneath the toolbar, and you can enter the text to search for in the report. This can be especially helpful when looking for a specific date, address, phone number, or e-mail address. To learn more, see Searching for Text in a Report.

Page Setup

Click to change the report's paper source, paper size, margins, or orientation. To learn more, see Reports Page Setup

Set Font

Click to select a different font, font style, or font size for your report. The report's font defaults to Arial. To learn more, see Setting a Report's Font.

First Page

Click to return to the first page of the report.

Previous Page

Click to return to the previous page of the report.

Page Number

This field displays the current page number of the report. To view a specific page, enter the page number and press ENTER.

Next Page

Click to view the next page of the report.

Last Page

Click to view the last page of the report.


In the drop-down list, select a zoom percentage for the report.


Click to customize the Report Options for the report. After customizing the report, click OK, and an updated version of the report displays in the preview pane. To learn more, see Customizing a Report.


Click to save the report in ACS. When a report is saved, you can easily preview and print that report in the future without having to set up the Report Options each time. Other people in your office who use ACS can view publicly saved reports. To learn more, see Saving a Report.