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After paying invoices and printing the Check Proof List to ensure accuracy, it's time to print checks and post them to the General Ledger. To see what your checks will look like, you can print a sample check.

You can also clear the check run, print the Check Proof List, and create an ACH file from this window.

Useful Information

When printing checks, you can change the date that prints on a single check by selecting the check, changing the date on that check, and pressing ENTER on your keyboard.

 To print and post checks
  1. On the Checks tab, under Payment Type: Check select any check you want to preview. Once selected, the check displays at the top of the window, and you can edit the Memo or Date, if necessary.
  2. Optional: If the check has already been printed, select the Printed? option.
  3. Click Print/Post Checks.
  4. Under Posting Information, verify the Posting Date, Post Month/Year, Check Transaction Source, ACH/Online Transaction Source, Discount Tracking Account, First Check Number, and First ACH/Online Ref#. The total number of checks that will print, along with the range of check numbers, displays at the bottom of the window.
  5. To display printer properties before printing, select Show Printer Dialog.
  6. To generate an extract of the check and check stub information, select Create Extract File. If you use a third-party source to print your Accounts Payable checks, you can submit this extract file to them for printing. If your third party source requests it, select Extract Check Numbers to include check numbers in the extract.
  7. To view the checks and stub information before printing, click Preview.
  8. To print a sample check, click Print Sample.
  9. To print the checks, click Print. A message displays to place checks or stock paper in the printer. Click OK to print the checks.
  10. When the confirmation message displays, click Yes if the checks printed correctly, or No if they did not. If the checks did not print correctly, ACS prompts you to reprint them.
  11. When the confirmation message displays, click Yes to post the checks to the General Ledger.
  12. After posting, the total number of entries posted, total amount posted, and general ledger batch the checks posted to display. Click OK.


When you finish printing checks, don't forget to remove your check stock from the printer.