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The Print Receipts option lets you give your customers a written copy of a payment or payments that have been made.

Receipts automatically print in order of the customer's last name. You can also print a family's balance of unpaid invoices as of a specific date on their receipt.

 To Print Receipts
  1. Under Manage Records, click the Transactions tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Accounts Receivable Payments and click Go .
  3. Click Print Receipts.
  4. Under Print Options, select the template for the printed receipts in the Template drop-down list.
  5. Under Posting Period, select All Users to include payments other ACS users within your organization posted.
  6. To print receipts by the posting period, select Search By Posting Period. Or, select Search By Deposit Ref # to print receipts by the deposit's reference number.
  7. Select the posting period or deposit reference number you want to print receipts for.
  8. To print a message on all receipts, enter the message in the Comment field. For example, you could use this field to thank your customers for their payments.
  9. To print a different date on your receipts, select the appropriate date in the Print Date drop-down list.
  10. Click Preview to preview the receipts before printing, or click Print to print the receipts.


To print receipts for individual payments, see Printing Receipts from the Add/Edit Payments Window.

Additional Field Information

Use Selection
To print only receipts selected in the grid, select this option.

To display only payments for receipts that have not been printed, select this option.

To display only payments for receipts that have been printed, select this option.

To display all payments from the posting period or deposit reference number in the grid, regardless if a receipt has been printed, select this option.

In this field, enter a message to display on the printed receipts. For example, enter "Thank you for your payment." in this field. This field is limited to 150 characters.

Print Date
In this drop-down list, you can select a specific date to print on the receipts. The date defaults to the current date.

Print Options

Print Receipts Separately
To print a separate receipt for each payment, even if a customer has made several payments, select this option. If this check box is cleared, only one receipt per customer prints, and all payments for that customer are combined on that receipt.

Print Family Balance as of
To print the family's outstanding balance on the receipt, select this option.

Include Open Transactions
To print receipts for payments that have been added to the customer's record but have not been posted, select this option.

Posting Period

All Users
To display payments posted by other ACS users within your organization, select this option. This allows you to print receipts for these transactions.

Search by Posting Period
To search and print receipts for a particular posting period, select this option.

Search by Deposit Ref #
To print receipts according to a deposit reference number, select this option.