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Before posting invoices, it's important to print the Invoice Proof List and verify your entries to ensure accuracy. The invoice proof list displays the invoice information that you entered when adding invoices or generating them through Add/Edit Memorized Invoices.

You can also preview the proof list before printing it.

 To preview or print the invoice proof list
  1. Under Manage Records, click the Transactions tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Accounts Payable Invoices and click Go .
  3. Click Post Invoices.
  4. Set your printing and posting preferences. To learn more about these options, see the Additional Field Descriptions below.
  5. To preview the proof list, click Preview. To send the proof list to your printer without previewing, click Print.
Additional Field Information

Print Distribution
Select this option to include disbursement information.

Print Detail Headers
Select to print the distribution information with headers and a border. Print Detail Headers is only available when Print Distribution is selected.

Use Selection
Select to post multiple invoices at a time. After selecting this option, press Ctrl and click on the desired invoices to post specific transactions.

Posting Date
Select the appropriate posting date. This date prints on reports.

All Users
Select this option to include invoices created by all ACS users. To select this option, you must have user rights to Post All Users Invoices in Utilities.

All Periods
Select this option to include invoices created in all posting periods.

Month and Year
Select a month and year to show invoices from a particular posting period. Click the up and down arrows in the Month and Year date boxes to select the month and year. If All Periods is selected, this option is not available.